Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fine Line Artists Exhibition at Mission Trails, San Diego, CA

The 4th International Art Exhibition by Fine Line Artists opens at the Mission Trails Regional Park Art Gallery in San Diego, California on Sunday 7th November.

Stoned Green
coloured pencils on Arches HP, 8" x 8" $400
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Artwork for the exhihibition has been arriving from New Hampshire and the UK (London, Yorkshire and Leicestershire) - from Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield Fine Art), Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint), Vivien Blackburn (Paintings Prints and Stuff) and me!

What this all means is that today my good buddy Louise Sackett is going to be at the Art Gallery hanging all the artwork.  This is the bit of our international exhibitions where we are all enormously grateful for the efforts of the local artist who has the job of matting, framing and fixing the hanging hardware to most of the artwork sent for the exhibition.

coloured pencils on Arches HP, 10" x 7" $500
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
This exhibition includes landscapes (Vivien and Louise), wildlife art (Gayle), botanical art (me) and still life art (Nicole) with much relating in some way to this part of the USA.  

A Reception - which is open to the public - marks the opening of the Exhibition and is being held on Sunday, November 7, 2010, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm. Admission is free - and you're all invited!

The exhibition closes on the 3rd December – and all works are for sale.

I do hope if you're in the area you have a chance to get to see it.  This is the address and a Google Maps link to the venue:  Mission Trails Visitor Centre, One Fr. Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego CA 92119 (Tel: 619-668-32)

Cacti Networking
coloured pencils on Arches HP, 8" x 8" $400
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
[UPDATE:  You can see photographs of the works in the Exhibition and the Reception on Ester Roi's blog - see Fine Line Artists Exhibition.  Thanks Ester!] 
About Fine Line Artists
The artists created the Fine Line Artists group primarily to provide support for the development of their art and the business of being an artist. Their aims have been to achieve artistic growth through honest dialogue and to provide each other with advice and support at all times - in dealing with the challenges presented by their artwork, the art business and life generally. In the past five years they have met many personal challenges, supported much development and celebrated very many achievements – including three International Art Exhibitions prior to this one, in New Hampshire, Virginia and Canada.

They are all unanimous that they have achieved much more by being a member of this group than they might ever have done if they had pursued their art as an individual.


  1. This would be wonderful to see in person! Your magnified and abstracted cactus drawings are compelling and strong.

  2. I'm excited to tell you that I'll be able to go to the reception with Mario tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to see the exhibition.

  3. Wow, that's wonderful Ester!

    Do make yourself known to Louise who'll be very pleased to show you round.

  4. I'm going to be in San Diego later this month. Will put this on my hope to get to list! Thanks!

  5. These are extraordinary, Katherine! I love the patterns, the texture, the application of the colored pencil. I would so love to see them in the flesh --- too bad I'm on the wrong coast! Maybe your work will come to DC sometime (soon)?

  6. I hope the show goes really well for you all, and look forward to seeing photos :)


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