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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010 - prizewinners

David Chancellor has won the £12,000 Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010 for his portrait (see right), Huntress with Buck, of 14 year old Josie Slaughter from Alabama on her first hunting trip to South Africa.

Huntress with buck
copyright David Chancellor / source NPG

The judges selected 60 portraits for the exhibition from nearly 6000 submissions entered by 2,401 photographers from around the world.Last night at the National Portrait Gallery in London, the prizewinners for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2010 were announced.

Interestingly all the prizewinners had taken portraits of young (or youngish) women. 

The following artists were commended and receive the following prizes. 
  • £3,000 Second Prize: Panayiotis Lamprou for Portrait of my British wife from the series Human Presence (not included on this blog as it is a sexually explicit nude shot )
Born in Athens in 1975, Panayiotis Lamprou, was introduced to photography at the ‘Photography Circle’ in Athens in 1998, where he studied under Platon Rivellis.  He went on to study further at the Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione della Fotografia in Spilimbergo, Italy.  His shortlisted portrait of his wife was not originally intended for public display, and was taken at the couple’s summerhouse on the small island of Schinousa in the Aegean Sea on a hot summer’s day. Lamprou says: ‘I never showed it to anyone. Only she knew about it. When she saw it she said that even if it wasn't a nude the photograph has the same power to express. I can describe the portrait as Independence and Love, Devotion and Freedom.’ His work has been included in numerous publications and sixteen exhibitions throughout Europe, and this will be the first time that his work has been on display in the UK.
  • £2,000 Third Prize: Jeffrey Stockbridge for Tic Tac and Tootsie (twin sisters Carroll and Shelly McKean) from the series Nowhere but Here
copyright Jeffrey Stockbridge / source NPG
Jeffrey Stockbridge, born 1982 in Woodbine, Maryland, moved to Philadelphia to study photography at Drexel University in 2002. Stockbridge’s shortlisted photograph is of Tic Tac and Tootsie, 20-year-old twin sisters Carroll and Shelly McKean taken in Kensington, North Philadelphia. The twin sisters, who live on the street and suffer from insomnia, are both addicted to Xanex and have resorted to prostitution to supply their habit. Stockbridge says: ‘Enduring unthinkable pain on a daily basis, the sisters are both incredibly strong and weak at the same time. Caught in the grip of their addiction, they do whatever it takes to survive, except for getting clean.’ Upon graduating in 2005, Stockbridge was placed as runner-up in the New York Times Magazine’s ‘Capture the Times photography competition for his series on abandoned houses in Philadelphia, titled Occupied. He has exhibited widely in the US since graduation, and received many grants and awards for his projects documenting urban blight in Philadelphia.
  • £1,000 Fourth Prize Abbie Trayler-Smith for Untitled 2 from the series Childhood Obesity
Untitled 2
copyright Abbie Trayler-Smith / source NPG
Born in South Wales in 1977, Abbie Trayler-Smith studied law at Kings College, London while taking photographs for the student newspaper. Self-trained, she went on to work as a photographer for The Daily Telegraph. Her shortlisted portrait was taken on the second meeting with a girl called Chelsea, from Shine, a group in Sheffield which helps teenagers deal with obesity. Trayler-Smith says: ‘Whilst talking about how it feels to live with the prejudices that come with being overweight, I looked away to change the film in my camera. When I looked back the picture was suddenly there. I shot one frame.’Trayler-Smith has worked for Time Magazine, GEO, Marie Claire, Tatler, Guardian Weekend, Oxfam, UNICEF and BBC Worldwide among others. Her project on asylum seekers in the UK, Still Human, Still Here, was exhibited at HOST Gallery, London, in 2009 with an accompanying film which won both the Nikon Award 2009 and the PPY Best Multimedia Piece 2009. She joined Panos Pictures in 2007, and became a member of Panos Profile in 2010.
The winner of the ELLE Commission 2010 is Clare Shilland, 36, for her portrait Merel. Shilland will be given the opportunity to shoot a feature story for ELLE magazine.

copyright Clare Shilland / source NPG

You can see all the photos included in the exhibition on the National Portrait Gallery microsite for the exhibition

I personally love the photograph of "Hockney and Ruby"!

The exhibition will run at:
  • the National Portrait Gallery, London, from 11 November 2010 until 20 February 2011, admission £2, before touring to
  • The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens from 16 April until 26 June 2011.
The competition was judged from original prints by:  
  • Harry Borden, photographer; 
  • Rodney Dukes, Partner and Business Group Director, Taylor Wessing LLP; 
  • Jillian Edelstein, photographer;  
  • Lucy Davies, Photography Critic, The Telegraph, Picture Editor, Sunday Telegraph SEVEN Magazine, Editor Telephoto;  
  • Sandy Nairne, Director, National Portrait Gallery (Chair) and  
  • Terence Pepper, Curator of Photographs, National Portrait Gallery
National Portrait Gallery, St Martin’s Place, London, WC2H 0HE. 
Opening hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 10am – 6pm (Gallery closure commences at 5.50pm)  
Late Opening: Thursday, Friday: 10am – 9pm (Gallery closure commences at 8.50pm)  
Nearest Underground: Leicester Square/Charing Cross  
Recorded information: 020 7312 2463 General information: 020 7306 0055 Website:

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