Wednesday, November 24, 2010

REVIEW: Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2010

This is my very overdue review of the Lynn Painter-Stainer Exhibition 2010

I thought maybe you'd had rather a lot of posts about the Prize last week - hence I delayed it to this week.  As always I'm going to slant the review of the exhibition more towards:
  • what I liked and 
  • what might be useful information to those thinking about applying for next year - starting with the latter!
As the BBC very astutely spotted (and I didn't!) the two main prizes were carried off by two artists who had painted foxes.  However the subject matter of this exhibition is always very varied - but always figurative in nature.

The main reasons for applying for the Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize

Apart from the fact it's a jolly decent sum, good reasons to apply for this Prize include the following....
  • an absolutely packed Private View  - with Bollinger Champagne - at Painters Hall in the City of London (that's shorthand for people with money!) with the sponsors urging people to buy your work, which is always very nice to hear!
a view of the Private View for the Lynn Painter-Stainer Prize 2010 at Painters Hall
all photos copyright Katherine Tyrrell
  • A well lit and lovely room where all the works look good.  This is one exhibition I always enjoy visiting each year because the work looks good and the room has a nice feel even though it's very grand
  • An emphasis on figurative - which means that those who like creating figurative artwork are in very good company.  Some was a tad too abstracted for my liking this year.
  • Artists with 'names' apply for this Prize (eg past prizewinners of major prizes) so if you get in you get the kudos of being ranked alongside major prizewinners
  • Your work does not have to be big to get selected - but it does have to be good!  Ohla Pryymak (Olechko) - who also had her work selected for the ING Discerning Eye - got two works into this exhibition - and both sold before the PV.
Ohla Pryymak with her two small paintings (with red dots - both had sold!)
Work I liked

I've already referenced the prizewinners in separate posts (see end)

Here's some of the works I liked.
  • Daniel Preece's painting of the interiorof Kenisngton Palace appealed a lot - mainly because he was using all my favourite colours but also because it was well painted.  His work reminded me somewhat of William Coldstream's approach to painting
Interior (Kensington Palace) by Daniel Preece
120 x 100, acrylic on canvas £3,800
Dew Pond above Ballidon Quarry by Roger Allen
106 x 87cm watercolour £1,500
Two watercolours drew my attention.
  • Roger Allen's painting of cows above and sheep next to a dewpond reflected the rural idyll against the intrusion of modern industry and the way in which quarries scar the landscape.  Classically painted with good execution and social comment within the context of a working landscape - nice!
  • Janet Kenyon's watercolour of an evening in Manchester suggested a modern homage to Atkinson Grimshaw's fine paintings of lights in the evening.  Last year she won the Cityscape section of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition with another very fine painting of lights at night.
Reflected glory, Manchester by Janet Kenyon
99 x 78cm, watercolour £1,895

Here are some general shots of work in the exhibition to give you a sense of what was in the exhibition (which I shall endeavour to label given a little bit more time).

The call for entries for the 2011 exhibition will be going out in the summer of next year.  Let Parker Harris know if you definitely want to be on the mailing list for the call for entries.



  1. Lovely painting of Ballidon Quarry. I had to have a look at Google's satellite image of the scene. You can see exactly where the artist sat, overlooking the dewpond, which is at two o'clock of the quarry.

  2. Thankyou for this! Its a chance to get the feel of an exhibition when you can't attend - and also see close ups of paintings.

  3. Wow, that looks like a great show! Thanks for posting!

  4. thank you so much for a mention and such flattering photo! yes, small was not a requirement like at the ING but there were quire a few artists showing small format, i would say about quarter to third of the exhibited entries. very encouraging :)


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