Sunday, November 14, 2010

14th November 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

Remembrance Sunday at Tower Hill (The Merchant Navy Service)
Today is Remembrance Sunday - and this was the scene as people gathered at Tower Hill, next to the Tower of London, just before 11am today for the service for those serving in the merchant navy. 

I was surprised this week to find out that the man who wrote the words now known as the Ode of Remembrabce was actually a man who was better known as an art historian who was a curator at the British Museum specialising in Oriental Art.  See Laurence Binyon and the Ode of Remembrance - plus the fantastic painting of red poppies by Arthur Melville

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
  • It was nice to see a friend of mine have her amazing drawings of London featured in Spitalfields Life this week.  See Lucinda Rogers' East End. Lucy has a great and unique style and works as a full time illustrator with the sort of client list that I guess many people would like to have.  She's also very good at getting access to places not usually open to the casual sketcher - such as when she drew the activities of those ministering to the 9/11 volunteers in St Paul's Chapel after the collapse of the twin towers. I very much appreciate the drawn records she creates of the East End of London where I live.
The passion with which Lucinda approaches her drawing has been motivated by the increased pace of urban development and the urgency of capturing something before it is gone. Many buildings that Lucinda has drawn now only exist in her portfolio.
Dry Media - Coloured Pencils and Pastels
  • I'm entranced by Arthur Melville's watercolour landscapes!  I love seeing paintings which make me yearn to be a watercolourist as good as that.  The last person who made me feel like this was Singer Sargent. 
  • Schönbrunn Park - after Klimt is an experiment by me - in trying to understand Gustav Klimt's landscapes and whether or not neocolour crayons work in Derwent's new Black Sketchboook.
Painters and Painting

Art Business and Marketing - profile September 09 - September 10
Art and the Economy / Art Collectors
Determining the probable price of a work of art was once based on precedent. Specialists must now rely on instinct. The result is often surprising.
Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques 
Art Galleries & Museums / History
Art Studio
Art Supplies
Books - creation and reviews
  • Seth Godin points out that his decision to produce his books without using traditional publishers is an active and deliberate choice that he made - and one which we can all make.  See No knight, no shining armor
  • Deborah Paris has a new book out Studio & Business Practices for Successful Artists. It's described as follows 76 pages chock full of no nonsense information about building a career as an artist and there's a copy on its way to me so I'll hopefully be doing a review very soon
Copyright and Digital Economy
Philanthropy and Art
  • Cause4 supports charities and social enterprises in organisational development and fundraising across the community, arts, sport and education sectors.
The Government and Art
Coalition ministers have ejected the "BritArt" image of their Labour predecessors and are now attempting to cast themselves as traditionalists – at least according to the artwork they have selected to adorn their office walls. Cool Britannia is out, and 16th-century battle scenes are in.
Opinion Poll
  • Don't forget to vote in my opinion poll for November - What price is affordable art? - in the side column
Websites, webware and blogging
and finally........

timoreilly brings you the best crowdsourcing definition ever (from @ on Twitter)
"finding the needle in the haystack is much easier when the hay helps you look."

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