Thursday, November 04, 2010

How to write an Artist's Résumé or CV

How do you summarise your life as an artist for galleries, exhibitions and potential employment? 

Do you understand the difference between an artist's CV, an artist's resume and a bio - and how to write them?

How to write an Artist's Résumé or CV - Resources for Artists is a new "resources for artists" site which I created this week.

I had to update my own résumé for a group exhibition in California  which will be showing my work (more about this later) which opens on Sunday.  This was point when I realised that I'd never created a site dedicated to the art of writing an Artist's Résumé!

featured lensSo of course I created the website before I wrote the résumé!

It's designed to act as as a complementary site to the ever popular How to write an Artist's Statement - Resources for Artists and that site is now wholly focused creating an artist's statement (but also includes a link to the new site too).

What does "How to write an Artist's Résumé or CV" cover?

What the new site does is provide access to all the best available resources on the Internet - and links to books which cover the topic or are appropriate for people developing their careers. 

It includes links to sites like the College Art Association, the University for Creative Arts and leading bloggers on this topic (eg Art Biz Blog, Joanne Mattera Art Blog's Marketing Mondays) and their various helpful and informative articles about:
  • how to write an artist's CV, an artist's résumé and an artist's biography,
  • the sort of information each should contain
  • what records you need to keep and
  • how to tackle specific issues
The curriculum vitae is a record of all of your professional activities and is intended for use in academic situations.

The artist résumé is an abbreviated document that is used in conjunction with commercial galleries, the search for exhibition opportunities, and certain grant applications. It is typically one to four pages in length.

The biography (or bio) relates to the wider context of your life in general
Source: The College Art Association
I'm aiming to keep adding to this resource and develop it further as I find useful articles of a good standard - so if you know of any I've missed - or have written one yourself - please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this post or on the website.

I hope you find the new site useful.  Do let me know what you think.


  1. Wow!!
    You are a wealth of information helpful to so many of us! Can't thank you enough (thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, thn-q, etc) for all you do. Looks like if I'm a professional artist, I need to document it all professionally.
    Did I say "thank you?" :)

  2. Thanks Tracy! I'm pleased to hear it's helpful


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