Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pastel Societies - Resources for Artists

Soft Pastel Societies

Pastel Societies - Resources for Artists is the most complete list of soft pastel societies which are on the Internet.  I say that because I found websites for some which aren't listed on the other two main resource sites!

I've organised the pastel societies by geographical area - first by continent, then by country, then by region and within that are the listings of the pastel societies which are local to that area. 

Find out about:
  • Pastel Societies which cover your area
  • Pastel Societies in other regions
  • Pastel Societies in other countries
  • Pastel Societies which are open to national and international members
Why not take a look at what other Pastel Societies are getting up to?  It was certainly very interesting looking at all the different websites as I added them in.

I'm going to be adding in pastel societies which do not have an Internet presence but want to make sure I've got the correct details before I do that as these are often people's home addresses.

If you have the correct address details of your pastel society and it doesn't have a website please write to me or leave a comment below.

Oil Pastel Societies

A second site covers Oil Pastel Societies - Resources for Artists

Oil Pastel Societies are very new. However this is an increasingly popular art medium and this site aims to keep track of oil pastel societies as they emerge on the Internet.

and finally....a question

Can anybody explain to me why a country like the USA - with a population of c. 310 million people - has 26 times more pastel societies on the Internet than the UK when its population is only five times greater than the UK (pop. c.61.5 million)

Total Population 316 million 61.5 million
No. of Pastel Societies on the Internet 53 2

So far as I'm aware, local pastel societies have only taken off in the Midlands and the root issue is that there just aren't very many local pastel societies in the UK.
  • So why no local pastel socities in regions and counties of the UK? 
  • Why does the USA have so many more compared to the UK?

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