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7th November 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

The big news for me this week is that my cyber buddy Louise Sackett achieved the impossible and got all our artwork safely and matted, framed, and fitted out with hardware ready for hanging on Saturday - so that the Fine Line Artists Exhibition at Mission Trails, San Diego, CA can open for business yesterday (Sunday) and continue until 3rd December!

Thanks for all the lovely messages - we wish we were there too!

[UPDATE:  You can now see pictures of the exhibition on Ester Roi's blog - see Fine Line Artists Exhibition for pictures of the hang]

For those of you who do live in the southern Californian area - if you ever been curious about the artwork of fellow bloggers  Nicole Caulfield (Nicole Caulfield Fine Art), Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint), Vivien Blackburn (Paintings Prints and Stuff) then now's your chance to see it for real - and mine and Louise's too!

Grey, green and pink in Yuma
coloured pencils on Arches HP, 10" x 8" $500
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
This drawing comes from my visit to San Diego and the deserts of Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico in the summer of 2006.  Or to be more precise during the historic heatwave of 2006!  I have vivid memories of this cactus next to our breakfast stop in Yuma (see "Breakfast in Yuma") before we headed off for an overnight stop in Tombstone before arriving in Albuquerque for the CPSA convention.  On our way back it was it was 115 degrees when we stopped again in Yuma!

This is Louise - for those of you who don't know her - she's just retired and just moved to New Mexico and is very keen on her painting!

You can see blog posts about some of their work by fellow artists here:
The other major exhibition which happened for me last week was the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition at the Mall Galleries which I saw on Friday.  A review will follow - for those thinking of entering next year.

Art Blogs

Drawing and sketching
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Painters and Painting
Art Business and Marketing
The fact that people know who bloggers are is exactly the reason why blogs have a comparative advantage in social media.
A couple of posts about licensing your art
Art and the Economy / Art Collectors 

Between them, Sotheby’s and Christie’s sold close to half a billion dollars worth of paintings, drawings and sculptures last week.  Here are different takes on the auctions sales in New York last week
Art Competitions and Art Societies

Calls for Entries
  • I do a post at the beginning of January each year about the deadlines for submission to various national art societies - and always feel that those who have deadlines in January get very short notice.  So here's a notice about two national art societies withj handing in dates in january:
The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours define a watercolour painting as:
A painting made using water soluble media, on a paper based support.
Art Society / Art Competition Exhibitions
  • Following on from a series of artists’ residencies at Seahouse in Northumberland in October 2010, FiFieFoFum Gallery will be staging an exhibition of the resulting work plus other works from 17 artists who are members of the Society of Wildlife Artists.  The exhibition runs to the end of December.  Click the link to see a group of grinning artists all togged up for painting the Northumberland coast, birds and wildlife in Autumn.
  • The ING Discerning Eye exhibition opens this week at the Mall Galleries
  • The RI are having a pre-Christmas exhibition in Bath at the Gallery LeFort Fine Art in Bath's "Cork street"
Art Fairs
Art Galleries and Museums / Art Exhibitions
this cut-down version of Kelvingrove's enormous exhibition, which broke attendance records earlier this year, is short on both the best and the most original works by the 20 or so painters collectively known as the Glasgow Boys
Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

Art Television

 I'm really enjoying the surfeit of television about art which we're having this autumn - and there's yet more to come.  I really need the iPlayer to get a "upcoming listings" section so I can see what is coming up and how long it will be available on iPlayer if at all!  (I'm also really enjoying my 27" iMac screen - I'm more and more of a Mac convert as every day passes!)
  • I really enjoyed Laura Cumming's BBC4 programme in the week about Ego: The Strange and Wonderful World of Self-Portraits. I highly recommend it, if you've not watched it so far and can access it via iPlayer or "other means" you know who you are! ;) .  Here you can see her trip to the Vasari corridor in Florence. I enjoyed watching Tai Shan Schierenberg painting his own self-portrait - and smiled when he declared he'd got all the proportions wrong!  So nice to see we all make the same mistakes.
  • Ditto - the first two episodes of the BBC4 series about the Pre-Raphelites has been a huge improvement over the rather silly 'drama-documentary' series the BBC had previously televised.
Incidentally I found this Art Newspaper article about Arts programming at the BBC: behind the scenes.  I'm wondering how the ceiling on licence fee increases and imperatives to make changes will impact on art on television.  It did occur to me that it was entirely possible that this was a cheaper form of programming and hence we might see more of it.  We can but live in hope.

Tips and techniques
Art Galleries & Museums / History

A very weird situation has developed in the UK - where the Treasury is currently withholding museum donations ie money donated to the museums and which belongs to them.  I'm going to take a closer look at this as it seems very odd.

Book reviews
Check out James Gurney's new book on colour Colour and Light - a YouTube Preview.
According to the press release, the Project “attempts to ignite an informed debate about how to best balance the interests of copyright owners and users” by examining “several ways to improve and update the law in an era of rapid technological change.”
Opinion Poll
  • The Poll Results for the October Making A Mark Poll - see What do you do when not being an artist? (POLL RESULTS) - reveal that the readers of this blog have a bias towards being professionals, the retired and homemakers and parents.  Maybe a combination of all three?
  • POLL: What price is affordable art? The November Making A Mark Poll is about affordable art PLUS what price is perceived to make art affordable (in $ and £) and the reasons why art is determined to be affordable.  Lots of votes but not a lot of comments as yet.  Do please feel free to say something about what makes art affordable.  Is it just the price?
Websites, webware and blogging
  • I honestly don't get Technorati.  Why would they go to the trouble of publishing the results of a "State of the Blogosphere" survey when it is quite obviously based on a very biased sample of survey responses?  It's just too easy to pick holes..... See State of the Blogosphere - needs a lesson in stat
and finally........

For the Mac fans we have
and the
  • The New Mac iBox - the last one is the smallest yet - the inventor must be a genius!

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