Sunday, January 17, 2010

17th January 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

I finally got to see Turner and the Masters at Tate Britain this week - having been virtually housebound for nearly a month!

I was so glad I went to see it after doing all my research and reading for the Art of the Landscape project as it made so much more sense to me.

It's a really stunning exhibition and I'll be writing more about it tomorrow. They also had rather a lot of good books about the development of the landscape as well and I couldn't resist splashing out on three! More about these next week as well.

I then walked in the dark (to get a landscape book!) onto the prongs of an upturned plug and created a tear across my instep so back to the chair for the time being........ :(

Art Blogs

  • You are invited to send me a URL (via a comment on this post) highlighting what they are doing to generate funds for the relief of the survivors in Haiti and a link will be added to Artists supporting Haiti relief efforts.
  • James Gurney's Art by Committee challenge (on for the next month is to produce an image for the following quote "Randall's avatar was a tortoise." See Art By Committee: Conversation on Gurney Journey for more details
Drawing and sketching
  • Many Congratulations to my former pal Shirley Levine (Paper and Threads) whose blog has just had its 4th birthday. She celebrated with a business-like list of of goals for the coming year in Art Goals 2010 - on the 4th Birthday of my Blog.
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
The Art of the Landscape

Last week I posted my index posts - which are the plan of action for this project - lists of posts which will be written! These included
I also posted about:
Many thanks to all of you have subscribed to The Art of the Landscape since it was started in 1st January, 96 people have signed up to it in just over two weeks! The blogroll keeps being updated and I hope to get the ning community up and running very soon.

Painters and Painting

Art Business and Marketing

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

I will now make a more formal pledge: never to write another word about this artist.... His paintings betray a stupidity and arrogance that makes me lose all interest in him. I love painting and I hate to see it abused.

Art Competitions and Art Societies

  • Watch out for a post this next week about entering work for the RA summer exhibition

Art Exhibitions and art fairs

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

Tips and techniques

Lisa Call (Contemporary Textile Art) has been planning for an exhibition - and writing about what that involves in three posts

Art Supplies

My consumer blog Making A Mark reviews..... has two posts last week about my opinion polls which asked which is your favourite soft past


James Gurney has been writing about Colour - and is ALWAYS worth reading. Color Constancy is about how we interpret colours in changing light conditions

The Web: networking, blogging, webware and websites
  • I'm trying out the Show yourself widget in the right hand column (see about me section).
  • I'm in two minds about whether to install Google's page speed. I'm looking for reviews that promise that it won't slow down my browsing!
  • The Web 2.0 Suicide Machine is availablke for those who would like to terminate their subscriptions to Facebook/Twitter etc

and finally........

My most popular book lens on Squidoo The Best Books about Drawing and Sketching has not only made it into the top 100 sites on Squidoo - which is quite a feat these days - but it has also made it to #1 in the top 100 Book sites on Squidoo.

I know it's not the New York Times but I'm pleased - it means people are actually interested in GOOD drawing books! :)

The Art of the Landscape

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  1. "I freely admit that my determination to believe in him distorted my judgement"

    This sentence by Jonathan Jones seems to me to sum up why the art world is in the state it is. It's also interesting that those commenting on the article were - like me! - never taken in in the first place! I saw one episode of the Charles Saatchi programme (the one in which he didn't appear!) and where I had no doubt about Hirst, I now have no doubt about him! The only good thing to come out of all this is that it seems as if people are at last calling for art of quality, integrity and beauty.


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