Monday, January 25, 2010

The Visual Telling of Stories

This is a link to The Visual Telling of Stories - a site created by Dr Chris Mullen who originally created it as course support for the MA Narrative Illustration/Editorial Design course at the University of Brighton.

It's described as:
a visually orientated taxonomy of the ways
in which pictures are used to tell stories

This site is purely educational
and records a range of material
dedicated to the study of the Visual Narrative.
This website is one of those gems of the visual arts which I find on the internet from time to time. It's both an archive and a lexicon of the visual narrative and has been put been put together with intelligence, expertise and dedication

If you want a clue as to what it's like - I'd liken it to Handprint in terms of both construction and content. It deserves to be getting the same sort of visitors as Handprint.

I'm not going to tell you what's in there or how to navigate - that would spoil the experience! All I will tell you is that it is simply massive.............and that you MUST keep scrolling if you're not to miss anything.

One of the more interesting pages is the rationale and its connection to the teaching of multimedia within universities in the mid noughties.

I wonder if their views would be the same today. It seems to me that this is a marvellous resource which deserves a much bigger audience.
The website of The Visual Telling of Stories aspires to being a Visual Lexicon, dedicated to the primacy of the Visual Proposition. Above all it tries to create an overall consistency of structure and environment, as if it was all taking place in one characteristic landscape through which you are allowed to wander. The main delight and challenge is the invention of non-linear means of navigation through spaces of knowledge with a created balance of reference and discovery.
Dr Chris Mullen