Tuesday, January 05, 2010

MAM Poll (Jan. 2010): How do you archive your digital images?

How do you archive your images - both photos and artwork?

The Making A Mark Poll for January is all about archiving your images and the choices we make from the different options which are available.

Sketch of sunset at Tanah Lot, Bali (September 1992)
8.5" x 11.5", pencil and watercolour in Conté à Paris sketchbook

copyright Katherine Tyrrell

More than once I've heard sad stories from people who have lost precious images of exhibitions that have come down or paintings which have been sold - or important reference material. It's certainly made me think more about archiving and the different ways you can do this.

I'm also concerned about the integrity and obsolesence of different methods. I have heard that some methods corrupt data if it's not accessed on a regular basis but I don't know how true that is. While others fail after a certain number of writes and rewrites - while other methods we used to use are now effectively obsolescent! Then there is the media which works fine - but which are apt get lost!

I thought it might be useful if we used this post to share our experiences of what we use, what we trust and nasty things that have happened which have caused us to change our habits!
So - how do you archive your digital images? By archiving I mean 'make at least one additional copy and put it somewhere safe'.

You can choose more than one of the following options
  • on your intenal hard drive only (ie no archive!)
  • on an external hard drive
  • on CD/DVD - any format
  • on CD-R, DVD-R or DVD+R (write once only)
  • on a portable USB memory stick
  • Flash memory cards
  • on Flickr account or similar photo gallery service
  • on Flickr Pro account (or similar photo gallery with unlimited storage)
  • Digital Vault service on the web
You'll find the poll in the normal place in the right hand column - just below the module about Blogger Followers.

Do please comment on your motivations to draw, paint or sculpt whatever is your favourite subject matter.

I'm also be very interested to hear your views about archiving your images (and any other important art business data)

The poll finishes on 30th January (in the early hours) and an analysis of and commentary on the results will be posted later the same day.

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