Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Landscape art instruction book for artists who read.

At last - a new art instruction book about landscape painting for artists with a brain who are not afraid of reading!

Read my book review if you fall into any one of the following categories:
  • landscape art tutors - in need of a recommended reference for their students
  • experienced landscape artists in need of a pep talk - it'll remind you of all those things you know but which you've maybe forgotten to employ of late!
  • intermediate landscape artists with a brain which doesn't mind exercise (ie those who don't mind a lot more words than pictures!) - and you take pleasure in a good read
  • artists who want a LOT more than just a step by step guide - while there is a good mix of graphics and practical instruction this goes way beyond a lot of other books
  • ambitious novice artists wanting to study and work hard at their landscape art - this is a manual which you will return to time and time again
You can find my review on Making A Mark Reviews - Book Review: Landscape Painting
by Mitchell Albala (which also contains links to where you can find it on and

It's for artists who work both plein air and in the studio and it's publishes in the UK tomorrow.

The Art of the Landscape


Laureline said...

This sounds so intriguing! I'm going to check it out right now on!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Laura - it's on Amazon.con as well (my Associate links to both are in my review post highlighted in the above post)

It actually published in the USA back in November.