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UK National Art Societies: 2010 Open Exhibitions - dates and deadlines

The definition of an Open Exhibition is that any artist may submit work to be shown in the exhibition. You don't need to be a member of the relevant art society.
This is my annual post listing all the Major Open Exhibitions of the national art societies in the UK.

It excludes the major art competitions (which will appear in a post next week) and members only exhibitions.)

Organisation of exhibitions - what happens where
  • In the UK, a significant number of the leading national art societies are affiliated to the Federation of British Artists based at Carlton House Terrace and the exhibitions are held at the Mall Galleries.
  • Two major exceptions are the Royal Watercolour Society annd the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers which exhibit at the Bankside Gallery next to Tate Modern.
  • A number of non-FBA national art societies also choose to avail themselves of the facilities at the Mall Galleries and both submissions and open exhibitions are held at the Mall Galleries.
  • Other national societies choose to administer their open exhibitions themselves and locate their exhibitions at other locations and galleries in London and around the country.
Mall Galleries, The Mall, London

Major Open Exhibitions in 2010

Here is a list of major open exhibitions - ordered by the date of submission. I've included the exhibitions at the beginning of the year even though the deadline has passed as the exhibitions are current or imminent.

FBA/Royal Society of British Artists:
  • receiving days (mid-Dec. 2009/deadline passed);
  • exhibition 10th - 21st March, Mall Galleries
FBA Royal Watercolour Society / RWS Open Competition (Formerly known as "21st century watercolour")

  • receiving days (form) 13-14th Jan. (work);
  • exhibition 19th Feb - 11th March 2010 Bankside Gallery
Originals 2010 - Contemporary Printmaking Show:
  • receiving days: 15th-16th January;
  • exhibition 25th March - 3rd April, Mall Galleries
FBA/Pastel Society:/ 111th Annual Exhibition:
  • receiving days 5th - 6th February;
  • exhibition 7th - 17th April, Mall Galleries (Private View: Tuesday 6th April)
FBA/Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour / 198th Annual Exhibition 2010(OPEN):
  • receiving days: 19th - 20th February;
  • exhibition 21st April - 1st May 2010, Mall Galleries
Society of Botanical Artists / Silver Jubilee Exhibition 2010
  • receiving day 15th February, Westminster Central Hall;
  • exhibition 16th April - 25th April, Westminster Room, Westminster Central Hall
(Apologies the original post has the wrong dates included in error)

FBA/Royal Society of Portrait Painters: / Annual Exhibition 2010
  • receiving days 12-13th March;
  • exhibition 6th - 21st May, Mall Galleries (Private View: Wednesday 5th May)
Society of Women Artists: Annual Exhibition 2010

  • receiving days 23rd - 24th April;
  • exhibition 1st July to Saturday 10th July , Mall Galleries
Society of Equestrian Artists / International Open Exhibition
United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society: Annual Open International Exhibition
  • receiving days (form) June; (framed works) September;
  • exhibition: 13th Sept - 1st Oct. Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford
Society of Graphic Fine Art / 89th Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving day: 21st August 2010
  • exhibition: 4th - 16th October
FBA/Society of Wildlife Artists: Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving days 13th - 14th August;
  • exhibition 22nd September - 2nd October, Mall Galleries
Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Engravers : Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving day: 21st August 2010
  • exhibition 12th - 23rd October 2010, Mall Galleries
FBA/Royal Society of Marine Artists: Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving days 11th - 12th September 2010;
  • exhibition 13th - 23rd October 2010, Mall Galleries
FBA/New English Art Club: Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving days 15th - 16th October 2010;
  • exhibition 25th November (Private View) / 26th November - 5th December 2010, Mall Galleries
FBA/Royal Institute of Oil Painters: / Annual Open Exhibition 2010
  • receiving days: 5th - 6th November 2010
  • exhibition 7th (Private View) / 8th - 19th December 2010, Mall Galleries
FBA/Royal Society of British Artists: Annual Open Exhibition 2011
  • receiving days (dates TBA)
  • exhibition February (dates TBA), Mall Galleries
Federation of British Artists

For all FBA member shows administered by the FBA:
  • the call for entries, eligibility criteria for all submissions and details of how to submit for the the FBA shows plus certain others administered by the FBA are all available right now in the Call for Entries 2010 Leaflet. (pdf file). The information for all the exhibitions in 2010 will be available on the website in due course - for the moment the dates in the leaflet are the ones to make a note ofas some of the pages on the website have not yet been updated
  • The registration form (submitted with all framed works) and labels are available in the Registration Pack (Pdf file) which is available to download. You can also obtain both sets of documents by writing to the FBA.
A rolling 12 month calendar of key dates

I'd still like to see arolling 12 month calendar of dates on both the FBA website and ALL art society websites.

It would be extremely helpful to all the professional and semi-professional artists artists who plan their work on the basis of looking 12 months ahead - which is not unusual given the way commercial galleries plan their exhibitions!

Is that too much for members to ask?


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