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3rd January 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

Planning for Twenty Ten

There are quote a few of you with recent posts setting out your goals for 2010. Here are just some of them. If you haven't started yet or got one done you may find an approach below which suits you.

It's interesting to note that some people are extending their goals, while others are downscaling having taken on too much previously while others are revisiting activities which they know best represent who they are/what they are good at/ what they enjoy doing.
  • Laura Frankstone (Laurelines) was first out of the blocks with 2010, The Plan!* She aims to get her old sketching style back again in 2010 and will also be travelling and continuing to juggle with the way Life has a habit of intervening with even the best paid plans. Laura has also posted links to her past plans which have always been interesting.
copyright Pauls Pertile
  • Life in the new year - by Paula Pertile (Drawing a Fine Line) - check out her Life as a Maze drawing (see right). I just love Paula's drawings and their humour! You need to go to Paul's blog to see some of the close-ups of digfferent parts of the maze. Paula leans towards the casual approach - 'making a list of things she'd like to happen' but it seems that this year she's going to 'make things happen'. I'd love to know more!
Looking back to 2009:
and I liked Jana Bouc's It’s a Beautiful Life! New Year’s Reflections (Not Resolutions)

The Making A Mark Awards

For those of you who were away and might have mixed them here are the links to my end of year review and the Making A Mark awards. The awards posts contain links to the posts where work was nominated for the picture of the year by an art blogger award.
Plus my review of blogging and art in 2009

Art Blogs

Landscape Art

So we'll kick off with one of my main goals for the year - improving my knowledge of the history and practive of landscape art - hence the new blog - The Art of the Landscape! This is its first post Introducing the The Art of the Landscape Project.
What's involved?
  • art history: the development of landscape art - across time and in different countries and cultures;
  • art movements: different approaches to developing landscape art - in the studio and plein air; from observation and imagination
  • art instruction: different approaches to teaching and learning about landscape art
  • artists: learning more about famous landscape artists (past and present); and
  • drawing and painting: insights into developing your own landscape art; tips and techniques
Introducing the The Art of the Landscape Project
I've already started developing its blogroll - see Landscape Art - check out the blogroll. Some of the artists are new to me and I'm going to be collecting more new blogs which focus on landscape art, reviewing and refining the blogroll as the year progresses. Suggestions of really good landscape blogs to add to it are welcome - on the new blog please.

Plus a new ning community for those who'd like to get involved with my landscape art project in 2010 - also called The Art of the Landscape. I'm inviting a few people to get involved to start with while I get it set up and then will be launching it later this month. Bookmark this link for future reference if you are interested

Drawing and sketching
Botanical art
Coloured Pencils and Pastels
Painters and Painting
There have been some interesting paintings of snow and/or in freezing weather of late. Here's some I noticed
  • Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) on the east coast of Newfoundland has been painting with frozen watercolours! See Frozen door to dawn and other recent posts.
  • Rene (René PleinAir) has been doing some great snow landscapes in Holland. Deceptively simple and very effective.
"Driepaal" De lutte, Holland
(Three poles.) Oil on panel, 24 x 30 cm
copyright Rene Plein Air

I hearby declare photography within limits for this post each week! Starting off with Anita Murphy who has started a new blog on New Year's Day A Photo A Day

This is where I confess I very nearly started two new blogs on New Year's Day. The other one would have been just a photograph each day - but NOT a photo taken each day I hasten to add. I just really like some of my photos!


Art Business and Marketing

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

Art Competitions and Art Societies

  • a review of School for Saatchi - where a "found" piece won the competition and ended up in The Hermitage
  • Create your own Eustace Tilley by 11:59 P.M. on January 18, 2010, for a chance to win and be featured in an online slide show curated by The New Yorkers art editor, Françoise Mouly. Read more

Art Exhibitions and art fairs

Artist Bloggers

Sweet Light of Day by Tracy Helgeson
currently showing at The Harrison Gallery, MA

Other exhibitions

Art Education / workshops / Tips and techniques

Art School Blogs

I didn't know that the The Heatherley School of Fine Art had a blog - of the same name. It's a wonder more art schools don't do the same thing. It might be a good idea if they said a bit more about their actual courses.

Does anybody know of any more art school blogs which I could add in to Art Schools in the UK - Resources for Artists?


Let me know if you're posting your workshop schedules for 2010. If I'm acquainted with your work and you 'make the grade' I'll be happy to post a link to them here (and yes that is a coded message!). It's good to see some artists creating dedicated blogs for their teaching activities.
Tips and techniques

Art History / Copyright

Art Studios

Three posts about studios this week:

Art Supplies

Book reviews


Opinion Poll

  • I'll be writing about the December opinion poll tomorrow.

Websites, webware and blogging

and finally........

For all of you who got an iphone or ipodtouch for Christmas (and that seems to be an awful lot of you!) The Guardian also has an interesting article about Our top 30 apps for the arts. In 30 top apps from Shakespeare to South Park Ajesh Patalay picks the best apps out there on the web for culture vultures

Will you be like David Hockney in 2010 - with the brushes app loaded and emailing new work to your friends as you make it?

The Art of the Landscape


  1. Hi Katherine! Thanks for linking to my post. I'm one of those iphone devotees and my favourite and recomended apss for artists are;
    pixelpipe - uploads photos to multiple destinations
    simplemind - mindmapping software
    notemaster - great for remembering things, but also useful as a journal/progress charting tool
    Google - yep the google app is great for using gmail, google reader and docs.
    Sketchbook - great app with brushes, layers and the rest. Perfect for sketching when you really can't get out your sketchbook

  2. Happy New Year Katherine!
    Thanks for the link in this week's "Who's made a mark". I appreciate any extra support I can get for this years goals, especially the sketching one. Four days down, 361 to go!

  3. Fun to see other plans! Thank you for my two appearances! Wow, there's so much of interest in this post, it's hard to know where to start, but Lynn Chapman will be my first stop, I think. Thanks for the wealth of info, as always.

  4. Wow, thank you for posting a link to my blog about my current marble carving project "The Gymnast" I only hope that the cold that has arrived in central Texas (they warm this will be the coldest winter in over a decade) will keep me from finishing. My goal is by 1 March. Yikes!

    Anyway, thank you.
    Happy 2010.
    Cheers and complimenti,
    Kelly Borsheim


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