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10th January 2010 - Who's made a mark this week?

This week we have experienced once in a generation weather here in the UK as the Arctic reminds us of what happens at our latitude if the Gulf Stream weakens or switches off. I guess a number of you may have seen the NASA photo which showed the UK under a complete white-out. I can't ever remember this happening before.

I've been a hermit all week as my very dodgy ankles can't cope with slush and ice. It seemed appropriate therefore to feature some UK art bloggers who have been out and about painting the snow!

Here then are some images by Rob Ibjema (Painting Wales Diary) and Adebanji Alade (Adebanji Alade). They provide a complete contrast in terms of where they are painting. Rob is in deepest snowiest central Wales and Adebanji is in south east London - compare the roads!

(left) B Roads by Rob Ibjema
(right) Norman Road Intersect, Belvedere
by Adebanji Alade
Most of the minor roads here in Wales are not cleared or gritted, without a 4x4 you don't go anywhere if you live rural...
Rob Ibjema
Meanwhile, Sarah Wimperis (The Red Shoes) in Cornwall painted Swans in the Snow.

Art Blogs

The Art of the Landscape

First off - thank you to the 54 people who have already subscribed to this brand new blog!

This week I''ve tried to give a bit of a flavour of what this blog will be about while I continue to work through my very long lists of future topics and build the ning community before opening it up. Posts this week have included:
If I knew I didn't know enough before I started, I now know for certain I had no idea how much I didn't know!
  • A new book about landscape painting highlighted my book review (see below) of a new book about landscape paining which published in the UK this week
  • Van Gogh's approach to drawing landscapes - this references a post which was part of my 2007 project on Van Gogh. The blog will continue to focus on the approaches to landscapes by important artists from the past. (Wirting this prompted me to get out both my books about Van Gogh drawings and my reed pen and my walnut ink and I had fun with a drawing which you'll doubtless see soon!)
Wheat Field with Cypresses at the Haude Galline near Eygalieres
Vincent van Gogh - 1889
Drawing Height: 47 cm (18.5 in.), Width: 62 cm (24.41 in.)
Van Gogh Museum (Netherlands)
If you would like your self-critique to feature on the blog please see the above post for what you need to do.

Painters and Painting
  • Karin Jurick filled in for the people who didn't honour their commitment to the end of year portrait project on A Painting Today and produced some really great portraits in Different Folks
  • A new reference photograph will be posted to Different Strokes from Different Folks
  • on January 20th.
  • Gwenn Seemel (Face Making) wrote to tell me about the Subjective portraiture series she undertook in a blind collaboration with artist Becca Bernstein. You can read about the upcoming exhibition in the art exhibition section below.
  • Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) has found that her switch to experimenting with Sennelier oil pastels for macros of cat faces has proved to be very successful. This first work Silver Tabby Cat in Oil Pastel sold last week for a VERY impressive sum on e-bay. The second is now posted - see Silver Tabby Cat in Oil Pastel 2
Still Life

Art Business and Marketing

More achievements in 2009 and plans for 2010 by art bloggers

Art and the Economy / Art Collectors

the marketplace, from Miami to Moscow to Mumbai, remains pockmarked with shuttered galleries, smaller auctions and scaled-down art fairs. In the U.S., many museums have postponed pricey exhibits.

Art Competitions and Art Societies

Art Exhibitions and art fairs

  • Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction is at the Whitney Museum until January 17th then travels to The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, February 6–May 9, 2010, and to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, May 28–September 10, 2010.
  • In London, art lovers are waiting with baited breath for the opening of The Real Van Gogh: The Artist and His Letters (23 January—18 April 2010) at the Royal Academy of Art in the year which marks 120 years since his death.
    • If you want to see it - and you're not a Friend of the RA as I am - now is the time to start booking your ticket - this one is going to be VERY popular as it's the first major Van Gogh exhibition in London for 40 years! There are only a limited number of daily tickets for sale each day and hence no guarantee you'll be able to get in if you just turn up. I fully expect that this exhibition will break the currect record of 800,000 visitors which is held by the 1999 RA exhibition of Monet in the twentieth century.
    • You can read A beautiful mind an online version of an article in the RA magazine written by Martin Gayford in which explores the Van Gogh beyond the canvas through Van Gogh's letters and what they reveal about his thought processes and what he was really like
    • Behind the scenes is an article in which the Curator Ann Dumas and Exhibitions Director Kathleen Soriano explain the complex negotiations involved in putting together ‘The Real Van Gogh’
Art Studios

Art Supplies

Book reviews

Opinion Poll

The Web: networking, blogging, webware and websites

and finally........

The BBC has a slideshow of pictures which honour "The King" on the 75th anniversary of his birth on 8th January 1935 - see In pictures: Elvis exhibition birthday

One Life: Echoes of Elvis opened at the National Portrait Gallery (Smithsonian Institution) on
January 8 and continues August 22, 2010.
Early in Elvis’s career, Andy Warhol illuminated the role he played in the new and youth-powered popular American culture; later, Ralph Wolfe Cowan, Red Grooms and others created mythical, spiritual and earthly images of the man whose legacy includes multiple superlative moments in music, entertainment, life and afterlife. To this day, both the historical Elvis Presley and the fantasy-based vision of Elvis are the subject of poetry, literature, music, film and the visual arts.

The Art of the Landscape


  1. Thanks once again Katherine! Just seeing this now. Always enjoy reading your who's made a mark but most of all, being part of it once in a while!

  2. always good to see my work on one of my favourite blogs,thanks katherine

  3. I so enjoy reading your weekly roundups! Depending on what I am in the mood for, different headings catch my eye... Favorites are art business, the web, as well as featured art blogs (of course) and your opinion polls! In terms of the latest poll, I was quite surprised to see how low the practical aspects ranked!


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