Friday, January 01, 2010

Making A Mark in 2010 - The Plan

Much of what I want to do in 2010 is very similar to 2009 - which was stated in Making A Mark in 2009 - The Plan. So I'm going to separate the post for 2010 into two sections:
  • a reminder of the Headlines in terms of overall goals - and how this works in terms of principles
  • specific activities for 2010


As before, these fall into five groups. What I've done this year is reorder them in order of interest and priority - which recognises that I'm interested in the making or art and I like creating but I have two absolute passions for learning and sharing. (Did I ever tell you all that my first degree is in Education?)
  1. LEARNING: To look at and learn more about art which I find stimulating. I'm not trying to understand all art. I don't mind if the stimulation is to the eye, brain or heart. I just want to know more about the art which arouses a response in me and I'm interested in pushing the boundaries
  2. SHARING: To celebrate what's good in art and to share it with others - whether it's art, artists, art techniques or art supplies. This is a major theme of my life. It's who I am and what I like to do. Sharing has many facets
  3. DOING: To make art worth making. I'm more interested in doing better than doing more of the same. I'd like to be able to get what's in my head down on paper! I'd like to get past the feeling that I can't start because it won't be good enough - I know I have to start somewhere! In 2010 I'm going to focus more on the genre that interest me.
  4. SHOWING: To show artwork because it merits display rather than because it's the thing to do. I much prefer seeing exhibitions to submitting work to them!
  5. SELLING: To gear selling activity to income targets and the realities of the marketplace. This continues to be a low priority. On the other hand there is rather a lot of art which is occupying lots of space in my home....
The principles which underpinhow my activities operate were set out very clearly last year in Making A Mark in 2009 - The Plan and there is no need to reiterate them here other than as headlines
Life is too short
The journey is the reward
The original and the best
Variety is the spice of life
There are no shortcuts!
'Good enough' is good enough.
What goes around comes around
You get out what you put in
Ok on to themes and activities - grouped according to the goal which is driving them in 2010.

LEARNING: To look at and learn more about art which I find stimulating.

OK - This is where it gets fun - as I anticipate two major projects in 2010 both of which are ones which I think can be interactive

Theme: Landscapes

This is about developing my knowledge of a genre which I've been interested in for a long time. For the purposes of the project this includes marine art and some elements of urban landscapes. Mine is an approach which leans more towards curatorial. I'm looking for the excellent which already exists rather than trying to reinvent the wheel!

  • develop a site for the landscape project (quick divert for 10 minutes - new sites for the new project are now (ning)DONE and (Blogger)DONE!)
  • work out what might be the best way forward for the group and/or interactive aspect - comments and/or questions are welcomed on this aspect
  • develop a better knowledge of the history of landscape painting and different landscape movements in different parts of the world ((eg UK, France, Germany, France, USA, Australia)
  • find out more about specific landscape artists (eg JMW Turner, Constable, the Barbizon School, Impressionists, Hudson valley painters, German, Austrian and Australian painters) - I'll be doing a post soon identifying all the landscape artists I've identified to date that I'm interested in. For those familiar with past projects we might tackle this aspect co-operatively if you're interested.
  • find out more about contemporary landscape painters and work out what I like best and why
  • interview contemporary landscape painters
  • look at other people who have developed landscape series eg about rivers or lakes or valleys or about a specific area
  • learn about how media has changed/been influenced by landscape art
  • identify different 'how to' approaches for landscape art and =identify/link to other people's resources (which means you can help me here if you are a 'source' or know one of them)
  • read a lot - art history, art instruction
  • view a lot of landscapes in books, online and in exhibitions - plus review all the photos I took in the Louvre and Musee d'Orsay (guess who knew what she had planned for 2010!)
  • visit as many different places as I can eg Hampstead Heath, up and down the River Thames, East Bergholt, Walberswick, Cornwall(?), Tuscany(?)
  • see if I can get to see Turner's sketchbooks in real life at Tate Britain
Theme: Advanced Drawing

  • develop my drawing skills using a more structured project rather than good intentions!
  • regular drawing exercises - like doing scales for artists!
  • I know where this one is going - I just don't know if I can do what I'd like to do as yet so will post more when I've sussed this out
SHARING: To celebrate what's good in art and to share it with others - whether it's art, artists, art techniques or art supplies.

In general terms, in 2010 it's going to be 'more of the same' There will be a continuing focus on developing how I can share what I learn and learning from others who share what they do. I'll be sharing information by:
  • writing Making A Mark Guides
  • reviewing exhibitions
  • writing book reviews
  • writing blog posts about artists and developing resources for art lovers information sites
  • writing blog posts about media and reviews of art materials and developing resources for artists information sites
  • writing about art business, the art economy and blogging for artists - and developing associated guides and information sites
  • highlighting - in 'who's made a mark this week' - all the other good people who share their knowledge, skills and information on their art blogs
Content is likely to be informed by my other interests this year - and things that happen.

I'll also continue to contribute to group blogs 'Urban Sketchers' and 'Watermarks', be the blogmaster for UKCPS News and be an active member of 'Sketchercise'

Theme: Landscape Art

  • regular blog posts on the topic of landscapes in art
  • publish three new information sites concerning landscapes:
  • (A history of ) Landscape Paintings
  • How to paint a landscape
  • The Best Books about Landscape Painting
  • publish information sites about individual landscape artists

Theme: Advanced Drawing


  • update the Big Drawing Book Review with more books about drawing
  • book reviews (this can be a collaborativ project as before if people are interested - do let me know)
Theme: Blogging
Blogging is a very creative process for me and the blog posts often help me find useful information and sort out problems I'm trying to tackle. However I need to
  • become even more organised about my approach to blogging!
  • draft, complete and post about sketching trips/holiday much nearer the time
Theme: Workshops

  • Develop a one day sketching workshop for novices based in London
  • test market and then decide whether to extend offer of workshop to other venues
  • scout out one possible overseas venue for a longer workshop - with a twist
DOING: To make art worth making

Theme: Mixed/Dry Media
  • continue to explore media for achieving the effect I want
Theme: Sketching

  • continue to be involved with Sketchercise and to do lots more walking and sketching
  • continue to sketch water
  • improve my sketching of birds
  • develop porfolio of work for RWS Friends show
Theme: Landscapes

  • continue Ecology Pond series
  • develop another landscape theme
  • develop landscape "trails"
Theme: Botanical Macros

  • determine different size for formats - and fix on metric or imperial!
  • complete series for Mission Trails exhibition
SHOWING: To show artwork because it merits display rather than because it's the thing to do

Theme: Exhibitions to enter work

  • compile schedule of dates and deadlines of all art exhibitions
  • work out what my deadlines need to be and get it all down on the calendars
  • Drawing London / Mission Trails (San Diego) - groups shows (booked)
  • SBA / UKCPS - Yes
  • SFA ? Do cats fit with everything else I want to do? (At the moment I'm thinking no)
SELLING: To gear selling activity to income targets and the realities of the marketplace

Theme: publication of e-books
  • work out economics of e-books and then decide on a course of action re time budgets etc
Theme: selling artwork

  • market Barbican and Mission Trails exhibitions
  • highlight SBA and UKCPS shows on blog
  • finish setting Etsy Shop up properly
  • think about a dedicated art for sale blog
and finally...........

I'll be listing other people's 2010 plans in "who's made a mark this week?" on Sunday. If you've got a blog post about your 2010 plan do let me know - no matter what the format or how long or short it is. It can be a twitter with three words if that's what works for you!