Monday, October 09, 2006

Sketching Sadie - the pastel poodle

Sadie - the pastel poodle
11.5" x 8", pen and ink
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

Meet Sadie - an extremely friendly white miniature poodle who attended most of the days of my Sally Strand pastel workshop in Cape Cod with her equally lovely owner Judy. She made a very good cat substitute - she came to say hello every morning when she arrived or when we took a break, sat on my knee (she loves sitting on knees) and was not at all averse to being stroked - or sketched!

Unfortunately towards the end of the week Judy began to realise that pastel workshops and a white poodles don't necessarily mix too well in terms Sadie looking her best! So Sadie had a bath and arrived for the final day looking very white indeed!

I made a big mistake with these sketches when I forgot to avoid drawing on the other side. It means the writing from my workshop notes comes through a bit when they're scanned. None of these took very long and none were staged - I just sketched what I saw when I got a good view of her. They are all done with a pen using black ink (Pilot G-Tec-C4) in a Daler Rowney A4 size black hardback sketchbook and each took only a few minutes.

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Alison said...

lovely little sketches.

annaigart said...

Beautiful sketches.
I'd love to be able to sketch so quickly and accurately!

Karen Winters said...

Sadie is a dear - what an adorable face you've captured with such sure, deft lines!

Mary said...

So cute Katherine and so nicely sketched with your subtle loose lines.