Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New additions to "Travels with my Sketchbook......."

Sketches of early evening on Cape Cod - copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My other blog, Travels with my Sketchbook in....... has got some new additions.

Travels with my sketchbook in New England

I've started posting the sketches I completed while in New England last month - some of which you can see above. There's going to be quite a few........
Jan Allsopp's pages from her "Guide France"

Jan Allsopp lives in in Australia but is currently traveling around Europe until November
Our itinerary goes something like - Paris, Avignon, various places in Provence, Florence, Sienna, various places in Tuscany, Venice and Rome. This will be my last post until November when I hope to have something to show from my sketchbooks.
As preparation she has developed her own guide to Paris which you can see here. She finds the information she wants to have her (from a guidebook), creates a series of small maps in her sketchbook and then annotates them, using teeny tiny handwriting and different coloured inks.

A link to Jan's personal guidebook is being added to the travel sketchbook blogroll on "Travels with a sketchbook in.......". Jan's blog is called "...in my spare time"

Shirley sketches London........again!

Shirley Levine (www.papersandthreads.com) is still sketching London. She was back again in September while I was away and will back again towards the end of this month. This is a link to her September archive of travel sketches of London - I think they're great! Do take a look.

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Nicole and Adam said...

I happened to come across this blog and was so pleasantly surprised to see what a fantastic artist you are. I will definatly visit again and I am excited to see what is to come.

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