Tuesday, October 24, 2006

12 quick lessons in plein air painting

Teaching Pack - slide 1 - "The same location on different days"
copyright Jon Hall

Marion Boddy Evans has highlighted The Limner's Contract - 12 months of a plein air painting a day of the Durham Heritage Coast by Jon Hall - in her Painting.About.com Blog today. I'm really pleased about this as I think his work is terrific which is why I wrote about this very large and significant project on this blog last week. I hope his work gets much more exposure on the internet.

Marion has also highlighted one aspect of Jon's site which I completely missed! So today I'm going to remedy that and refer you all to his excellent teacher's pack of 12 quick lessons on painting plein air - with photos of his work. [Later: I've just got Jon's permission to add one of these as an image to this blog post - see above for an example. Note the copyright and do not copy without his written permission]

You can view either the individual slides or watch the slideshow of some excellent advice about plein air painting. And if you take a look here - you'll see Jon and his plein air students at work on a paintout of the cliff tops of the Durham coastline.

Jon's lessons remind me a bit of Charles Sovek's approach to teaching - condense the key points on to one sheet and illustrate with relevant images. But it also looks to me like Jon has the beginnings of an excellent book there.........I hope to see more.

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