Monday, October 16, 2006

Janet Couture's Prismacolor Colour Wheel

Colour wheel created by Janet Couture
using Sanford Prismacolor pencils, Corel Draw and Tigercolor Color Impact 3

Janet Couture has created a colour wheel for her Prismacolor pencils and describes how she did this in her blog "Janet Colored Pencil".
Here is my Prismacolor Color Wheel. To make this color wheel I made a palette of all the colors I have on paper then scanned each swatch individually as a scanner will not be able to scan the whole page and keep all the colors accurate.

I imported each swatch individually into Corel Draw and used the Eyedropper Tool to pick up the color and made a palette in Corel Draw for each swatch. I purchased a program called Color Impact 3 and plugged in the RGB values for each color that Corel Draw gave me in the palette. The program gave me the approximate position of each color as far as the category goes.

I converted the palette that I made in Corel Draw to Gray scale and used the eyedropper tool on each one to find out the percentage from 0-100% all colors with approximately the same value that are on the same ring. From the center of the wheel you have the darkest values to the outside with the lightest values.

There is a Trial version of Color Impact 3 that can be obtained at the following link:
I've got Janet's permission to show you her Prismacolor colourwheel here and she is happy for people to download its image from her blog. I'm sure she'd also like to hear your comments on this very helpful creation. I'll certainly pass any comments made on this blog along to Janet.

From my perspective, Janet's colour wheel really identifies where there is a good choice of colours and also where there are major gaps in the range. I'd love to see it done again for the other brands' ranges of colours so that we could see how they all compared - but since this must have been a real labour of love on Janet's part I won't be expecting that to happen any time soon!

Wouldn't it be nice if all colored pencil manufacturers gave us colour charts which adopted a uniform and systematic way of presenting the colours as a colour wheel. Or is that too much to hope for?


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  1. This is really wonderful.It's wonderful Janet put so much work into this but I agree, manufacturers should do thid for the artists (and maybe even for themselves). If I have the time I have to make myself one or two. After seeing this I want one for my Polychromos too ;)

    Thank you!!!

  2. Wow, thank Janet for putting in so much work, I love it and find it get more useful than other color wheels


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