Friday, October 27, 2006

Café Croquis

Pen and sepia ink sketches in a Moleskine sketchbook, October 2006
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

I learned this month that "croquis" is the french for "sketch" and that "cahier de croquis" is a sketchbook. I run out of titles for these pen and ink drawings that I do all the time when eating in cafes - hence the explanation! ;) These quick sketches were done while sitting in the V&A Cafe in London while attending the two courses I did last week.

I find they're great for not only practising my drawing and "keeping my eye in" (which I find is vital) but they're also good for trying to find compositions in my everyday surroundings. Not that I eat in a cafe every day but you know what I mean!

And just for fun - try putting "cahier de croquis" into your search engine and seeing what you come up with.

PS I know cafe has an accent on the 'e' - but Blogger seems to be having a love/hate relationship with that accent!

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  1. Nice sketches.

    I was also curious if you are still using comment moderation.

    I have never used this feature and I have had no problem with spam or trolls. Comment moderation makes me less inclinded to comment here. It also makes all other comments seem suspect. "Freedom of speech" is worth the risk, I think.

    Feel free to delete this. It is for you more than your readers.



  2. Karl - Thanks for your comment.

    I appreciate what you're saying but personally I find that about half or more of the blogs I visit require some controls on people who comment - not least to avoid those awful spam robots. I know people who have suffered them and it's not nice........

    I've also been subjected to/seen troll behaviour on other blogs in the past. I very much prefer to not make this something my viewers ever have to read so I don't plan on making it too easy for them for them to do it again!

    I believe in free speech but I also recognise that we need to be a bit careful on the internet. See my comments policy (link in the right hand column) for further explanation

  3. You make these cafe sketches look so easy - (I don't know why you can't see most of the pictures on my blog - They are all scanned the same way, most less than 70 kb - I just can't think of any reason and no one else has notified me of such a problem ???

  4. Wonderful drawing.
    I was attracted.
    Thank you.
    Your link to Brog was found with Brog of PMBC.

  5. lovely sketches Katherine,those people look so animated,engaged with each other,the looseness shows it's only a moment

  6. Great idea of "keeping my eye in". I've never heard this term before. I love your sketches, and am in awe of anyone who sketches in pen. I need to do more sketching, I think you've inspired me to take my Moleskine with me when I'm out of town for a few days.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Drawing with a pen is what helped to make the sketching flow. It's just impossible to draw quickly with a pen if you're going to worry about getting every line absolutely spot on all the time.

    I started drawing with a pen when doing the first half hour of quickie poses in life drawing class - and found very quickly that my sketching and drawing improved as a result.

    I recommend anybody who is hung up on 'being perfect' to go and take a look at the sketchbooks of really great artists and note how relaxed a lot of the drawing is.


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