Friday, October 13, 2006

A tree with no name

'A tree with no name'
9 x 12", coloured pencil on Saunders Waterford HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell

This is the worked up version of a drawing I started 'en plein air' in Rockport, Massachusetts last month. I needed to get it finished quickly as I remember very well what the colours were and, of course, as per usual the photographs do not do them justice. So there was an urgent need to download memory onto paper quickly!

The tree is situated right next to a beach just outside the main centre and near a sort of bandstand (for those who know the area) - and that's Rockport harbour in the background. The ground on the right was covered with a wonderful plant which had deep red flowers or berries and where some of the leaves seemed to be turning from deep olive green to a rusty colour. We had a lovely sunny day - people were sunbathing in bikinis right in front of this tree! It had an air of Massachusetts on the Mediterranean!

For more about this drawing came about in its initial stages see the entry for "Rocky Neck and Rockport" on Sunday 10th September.

This tree literally does not have a title as yet - anybody got any ideas?

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Lorna said...

I spent some minutes trying to decide why the title before reading your post. So I would keep the title.

Mary said...

Lovely sketch, Katherine. The colors in the stone and the stones are just beautifully rendered.

Making A Mark said...

Thanks for the comments

I've actually been minded to call it "Motif No 2" given that it's located in Rockport where of course you can also find "Motif Mo 1"!

I gathered from locals that the tree has been painted a few times as well..... ;)

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely light and dappled shade.

Jessica said...


Why not call it Tree With No Name? Somehow it reminds me of an old song that had the words "no other name" that was sung by Peter Paul & Mary... motif #2 sounds like a fun name also...


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