Monday, October 02, 2006

The Daily Painters Blog

It was only a matter of time.........and bravo to Micah Condon for taking on the task of blogging all the daily paintings from all the daily painting blogs registered with the new "Daily Painters Blog". This new blog has been up and running for the last month and now seems to gathering pace with its subscriptions from daily painters.

The way it works is like this:
  • the artist registers the URL of their daily painting blog with Micah
  • the artist can put a daily painting blog widget on their own blog - which provides a sequence of changing images and when clicked on then leads people to the daily painters blog
  • we all get to see a daily gallery of the thumbnails of all the daily paintings posted on one day
  • you can then click on the one you like and.....
    • send an e-card of that painting
    • go the artist's blogs for further details if you want to buy the painting
I'm just wondering how big this will get in the end but at the moment it certainly makes it easier for potential buyers and others interested in the work of daily painters.

I'm also guessing here but it occurs to me that this gallery approach for daily paintings (which looks so much better than the e-bay alternative) must also provide some incentive to painters to not let their standards slip and to produce good quality work day after day.

And as Micah commented on this blog
I think the best thing about daily painting blogs is the opportunity to see some wonderful work by artists I would have never otherwise seen. I rarely have a chance to visit a gallery, but even when I do, I realize that the gallery world is just a tiny slice of art life. With daily painting blogs, I can view lots of fresh art every day, by artists I can easily relate to.

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Maggie Stiefvater said...

Thanks for pointing out this blog to us, Katherine!

Larry Seiler said...

an informative piece of work this blog is...thanks Katherine. Definitely see a need to put some time aside and come back and hang out a spell!

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