Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Big Draw at Sutton House

Before Sunday afternoon Mike, who is very interested in art history, had never ever drawn with charcoal before or ever drawn BIG at all. Until he went to the BIG DRAW event at Sutton House, the oldest house in the East End on Sunday 8th October. This set out to
" Investigate the details of Sutton House and make them BIG on this day of drawing and mark-making."
Participants made studies of a feature and then transferred it to large sheets of paper using charcoal - and working on such a big scale was new for some, such as Mike.

I'd planned to be there from the beginning but events conspired against me and in the end I was only able to get there for the last hour. So rather than disturb the class, I drew in the Linenfold Parlour which is one of the finest Tudor rooms in London. It's lined with oak panellincarveded to resemble draped cloth and which probably dates back to about 1550. One of the guides told me that panelling in this room was stolen at one point and then fortunately it was then retrieved and reinstated.

The sketch is done in Pen and sepia ink and coloured pencil and was drawn in my Daler Rowney sketchbook and is approx 11.5" x 8".

About Sutton House: The house is the oldest domestic house in the East End, having been built for a Tudor courtier in 1535. It's now a National Trust property and is an active cultural and social centre for community-related events. A three year programme to restore and rehabilitate the house began in 1990 and cost £2.1 million.

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Lin said...

WOW! What phenomenal depth you achieved in your fireplace!! WOWZA!

Making A Mark said...

Thanks Lin - I think the smoke stains on the Tudor brick helped a bit!

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