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Making A Mark in August 2018

Fans of Making A Mark will remember the "Who's made a mark this week?" posts which I had to discontinue in 2014 as they were taking over my life.

Since then I've diversified and now have other active websites and blogs - and what you used to see on Making A Mark can now be found elsewhere.

I've been mulling on how to profile what I've written and seen and today I'm going to start a trial of a NEW MONTHLY SUMMARY of
  • posts on my blogs and website updates 
  • coupled with some of the posts to three of my Facebook pages
Tell me what you think of it - on Facebook!

Making A Mark in August 2018

For those who missed my posts because you were on holiday or life intervened...

All posts are from Making A Mark except
  • ABI = Art Business Info. for Artists
  • BBA = Botanical Art and Artists


    Image of Wyeth's Studio, © Phil Bradshaw, FreshFly
    • The Andrew Wyeth Movie - a hugely popular blog post. - an extended trailer for the new documentary film about Andrew Wyeth, originally planned for a 2012 release - but due to launch this month!
    • BBAVideo Interview with Kathy Pickles - Between 1991 and 1996, Kathy Pickles exhibited every year at the RHS Botanical Art Show. Each year she won a Gold Medal for her exhibit. In 2015, after nearly 20 years, she returned for a sixth time - and won a sixth Gold Medal.... and I've just found the video interview I did with her at the time!
    • Lucian Freud - paintings of plants and gardens - following the exhibition at the Tate I did a an inventory - in a timeline - of all his paintings of plants with:
      • notes about their context and location
      • links to where you can see them and 
      • quotes by people - including Freud himself - about his paintings of plants and why he did them.
    "The subject matter has always been dictated by the way my life has gone. I noticed that when I was under particular strain, I didn't feel so like staring at people or bodies all day." It was at times like these that the palm, the Egyptian Book, thistles, cyclamens, buttercups, substituted for sitters. Seeing through the skin

    Calling All Artists - Art Competitions and Open Exhibitions

    Explore the artworks of the Summer Exhibition by Gallery

    • Apparently the deadline for online entry is not the deadline for entry for the ING Discerning Eye - despite what the tweets upto and including yesterday were saying... I'm confused!

    Art Exhibitions

    Botanical Art (BBA)

    All the following posts can be found this month on my news blog (about ​Botanical ​​Art and for ​Botanical Artists) on Botanical Art and Artists website.

    View of part of Down Under II at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery, Kew Gardens
    • TOP TIPS from RHS Gold Medal Winners 2018 - My annual and very popular TOP TIPS post - based on advice from some of the RGS Gold Medallists in July - for those who would like to exhibit at the RHS Botanical Art Show in future. It's a LONG one - and you may need a notebook..
    • TOP TIPS from RHS Gold Medal Winners 2017 - my very belated post about the top tips from the RHS Gold Medallists in 2017 - which I started last year but forgot to complete - and it's now completed!

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    Art on Television

    Art Business

    The new image for my Art Business Info website and Facebook Page
    - about what you can find on my website at

    All these articles except those marked MAM are from Art Business Info for Artists
    plus one from back in June
    • TIPS: Business Cards for Artists What's the best way of an artist creating a good impression with a business card? ​What size should it be and what do you need on a business card?
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    plus articles highlighted on my Facebook Page

    Art Materials / Suppliers

    The Basement of 251 Kings Road - it's got stock which needs a better location
    Angus McEwen's personalised petite palette


    • Now I know you ALWAYS mix your greens! However should you ever be persuaded to try a green from a tube here is the COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE Guide to Greens made by Daniel Smith - including ratings for Transparency; Granulation; Staining and Pigment analysis - and how to download their colour charts

    Art Instruction Books and Courses

    Three new botanical art instruction books

    Near the beginning of August, three new botanical art art instruction books arrived and I spent a few days reading different perspectives on guidance and instruction for those interested in botanical art, painting and illustration - and then writing three book reviews. These are the reviews of botanical art instruction books
    In 2019, we will have a NEW instruction book for aspiring botanical artists - and those looking to improve. It's called "Draw from Life - A Visual Guide for Botanical Artists" by Işık Güner and my educated guess is it's going to be excellent! See for more details. Apparently the first edition will be in Spanish because it's being published by Editorial Parramon, Barcelona. However I'm sure the English edition will follow fast!

    In terms of formal courses...
    • BBA: Diploma and Certificate Courses in ​Botanical Art and Illustration - I've updated and developed my page of information about these courses offered and you can now find out about:
      • info. about the course listings - and how to help me update them
      • what Diploma and Certificate Courses cost in the UK
      • what sort of guidance is available e.g. what questions you should ask before handing over the money!
    Plus on Facebook 

    Odd art posts

    Flaming June by Sir Frederick Leighton with a fat cat addition

    Remember you don't have to wait until the end of the month to find out what I've been highlighting on my blogs and Facebook Pages!

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