Saturday, August 11, 2018

Comments are suspended on Making A Mark

I've changed how comments work on Making A Mark i.e. you can't.

This is what the preamble to the comment section on Making A Mark now says.....


There are lots and lots of very silly people who don't understand that Google is not stupid and that links posted to a Blogger comment are:

  • NOT LIVE and
They continue to post spam comments - despite this blog using both word verification and moderation that states very clearly that no spam will be published.

So I've SUSPENDED COMMENTING BY EVERYBODY but me. This allows past comments to still be seen.
Feel free to comment on my Facebook Page when my blog posts are posted there
BUT but do note: 
Spammers on Facebook will always be blocked and reported to Facebook if  they spam my FB Page.

I'm left wondering if my NEW blog settings for comments  will mean most people wanting to leave a comment won't see the message.

Whatever - it's better than having to get rid of the number of spam comments I have been receiving everyday!

Google is very definitely NOT on top of spam comments and those who leave them and pay for them

Google owns Blogger and needs to get a LOT better at removing those firms which keep sending/paying for the same spam comments - because I keep reporting the spam and the spam keeps on coming - with a significant proportion being from the same people.

If their policy was to BURY every website in the Google Index that is left as an unrelated and spurious link in comments - UNLESS the blog owner approves it - that would be a start.

What would be the point of paying for spam comments if you effectively achieved the reverse of what you, in theory, are trying to achieve?

I think the message might get around pretty fast about that one.....

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COMMENTS HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED AGAIN due to very silly ignorant people who leave spam comments without realising they have no benefit for them.

Please feel free to comment on my Facebook Page as my blog posts are always posted there (but please note anonymous comments are not published and I block and report spammers to Google and on Facebook)

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