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Paul Riley's New Lightweight Travelling Studio

Many painters like to travel to paint. However it can be a challenge to take all the kit that you like to use! Especially if you want to make the kit lightweight and easy to mobilise so as to stay within any weight restrictions and not make life too difficult getting around.

If you like to paint large using watercolour you have an even bigger challenge!

Watercolour artist and author Paul Riley has been teaching his students watercolour painting in the studio and in the field in this country for a very long time - and has also been taking them abroad for over 25 years. Many of you will have read his articles for The Artist magazine.

A long time ago - when I painted in watercolour - I was one of those students and used to be fascinated by what he'd come up with to resolve the challenge of painting large and travelling light 

He's still coming up with new solutions.... and this is the latest.

(This has been adapted with Paul's permission from a post in his (closed) Facebook Group for ex students Art Lovers, Students and Professionals)

Paul Riley's NEW Lightweight Travelling Studio

This is the latest version of his painting studio kit for his next course abroad - on the Greek island of Skopelos - September 9-19th 2018

The Backpack

The Backpack
This is Paul's current - and simple - backpack solution - it's an Art storage bag by Kurtzy
  • Total loaded weight 5.5kilos
  • Dimensions: length of 43cm (16.9") and a width of 64cm (25.1")
  • Features:  5 outer pockets; can be carried on the back as a back pack or carried on the side
  • Benefits: comfortable, lightweight and compact A3 size
Below you can see the bag and its numerous pockets in more detail showing - in particular:
  • Special round one for water pot and 
  • A long one for the Easel.
Art storage bag by Kurtzy

Additional Kit

The kit unpacked
This photo has two elements
  • additional kit being taken
  • the latest configuration of Paul's lightweight drawing board - made to his own design

Additional Kit

The kit Paul is taking comprises the following. I've put links in to sources where I could find them.
  • Lightweight camping stool Home zone worldwide £8.99 for two! (Paul says he got his from Amazon; I couldn't find it - but did find it in red on eBay)
  • 1 Litre - Collapsible Water Pot  – Amazon £3.85
  • Popamazing Folding easel £10.99 from Amazon – fits bag.
  • 3 rolls of 20 x 30 cm watercolour paper 
    • 2 sheets per roll approx 65cms diameter each (6 big paintings!!) 
    • ½ sheets @ A3
  • freezer bags of paints and ancillary equipment: 
    • masking fluid, lids for same, 
    • water diffuser, 
    • rolls of masking tape
  • Watercolour Palette by Jason Skill – large but useful £15.99 online (link explains all the features of the palette which looks very much like a painter designed pallette to me!)
  • Mapac Brush roll wallet Mapac - Jackson Art £7.30

Lightweight Drawing Board

This photo shows the configuration of his new lightweight drawing board consisting of
  • two A3 x 5mm thick foam board, 
  • taped edges with a taped hinge using Gorilla tape
There are various suppliers of A3 5mm foam board on Amazon (Paul used Fred Aldous Ltd @ £2.16 per sheet - but he only has black at the moment)

This shows the configuration of the drawing board for full sheet size.

Paul Riley all kitted out for lightweight travelling
Paul uses
  • lightweight clamps to secure the board to the easel and 
  • long thin wooden battens to rigidify the whole assembly. 
  • Water pot suspended from easel. 
  • A length of string with a loop will attach the easel to my foot! To hold it down in the wind. Either that, or if windy I will paint from my stool in A3 mode.
All prices quoted by Paul are relatively recent. I've found links for them - and also found some of the links to the specific items that he didn't provide.

If you have any questions about 
If you are interested in the last 2 places available for the Skopelas trip for details please email tina@rileyartsDOTcom).

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