Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Green and Stone art shop is moving to.....

Green and Stone - the renowned and extremely popular supplier of art materials - is on the move from its current home at 251 Kings Road in Chelsea.

It has to move quickly and hopes to be in its new home by October - and you can help!

The interior of 251 Kings Road
The shop has some very loyal fans and due to their support, unlike other art shops it has not closed and is now the longest running shop in the King's Road - until the move in October....
.....over the years, due to our fiercely loyal customers we have remained; and I am proud to say we are the longest running shop in Kings Road. We have kept Green and Stone exactly as it should be; a creative hub of information for the artistic and with an eclectic mix of curios. It serves as a peaceful escape from London’s modern revolt.
We have welcomed the locals of Chelsea and tourists from near and far; those who have sought us out, those who stumble upon us, the artists, writers, directors, movie stars and musicians, and everyone in between. Having served some of the greatest contemporary artists like David Hockney, Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, Lucien Freud, Quentin Blake and Henry Moore to name but a few, we are considered the best art shop in Europe. Hester Baldwin, manager of Green and Stone
However, the building has been suffering from some serious structural problems and has experienced repetitive flooding in the basement.
To remain in the same building has its perks. We are a landmark destination; the black cabs know where to find us if you can’t. Our nostalgic shop front suspends you in a time now past and we can be relied upon as a location for a meeting place as we have been here for 85 years; indeed, Green and Stone is an institution.
However, as with anything old, 259 Kings Road has its downfalls too. Without the TLC the building needed our dear shop has started to shake its head in protest and sent floods of biblical proportions through the basement; more than once, I hasten to add. I believe, after 85 years of trading here at 259 Kings Road, this old gal wants an early retirement. This day would always come, but we were not expecting it quite so soon.
If you value the continued existence of this much loved store - and I suspect most of its current fans do - can I suggest you read on past the details of the location of their new home to the Crowdfunder - because the actual move is going to cost some £100,000

Green and Stone's New Home

The new location is still in Chelsea - at 251-253 Fulham Road London SW3 6HY
(near the junction with Old Church Street - and right next door to Farrow and Ball)

The aim is to be in their new home by October - and that's where the Crowdfunder comes in.

Current Home Page of the Green and Stone website
This has bonuses - because they will now have more space and hope to expand what they supply in terms of art materials. (my bold below)
Whilst a shame to move, what does come with it is my chance to expand on what my father has created - not change it. With the move we will have more space. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about running art classes. It’s a tragedy we haven’t been able to accommodate classes in the past, but now this is something we can work towards. I want to inspire the children in the area, create an escape for over-worked adults and give everyone and anyone the opportunity to learn new skills that can bring so much joy. Another question we’re asked is about Gallery space. Previously we have been able to host artists who have shown their work amongst the art materials and antiques and we have put on several successful shows. The idea now is for it to be a separate, beautiful open space that can properly showcase the artist's work.
In terms of our art materials, almost everything you can buy now will still be available. I only want to add to our vast array of materials with an emphasis on handmade and unique.

Green and Stone BIG MOVE Crowdfunder

Moving home is not cheap - as most of you know.  

Moving home fast when you hadn't planned for such a move is a MAJOR challenge. Indeed moving a large traditional art shop with lots of stock and lots of requirements for specific fitments is never going to be easy nor cheap.

The current estimate is it's going to cost some £100,000
So, in times of need, I need to ask you, our dear friends and our long- standing patrons, will you help? This challenge is a colossal one. Mammoth sized! How do you move 91 years of history in only one month?
This is the basement which has been subjected to repeated flooding - and which needs to move

This is the Crowdfunder for the BIG MOVE. Let me explain a bit about what it comprises

There's an explanation of some the history of the store - which is interesting.

There are lots of pledge options - some of which provide a positive return for the artist / person who pledges. These are some examples:
  • You can just donate - with no bonus for your cash
  • The pledges of cash typically generate a 25% return in terms of the value of art materials you can buy for that money. Think of a pledge like advance funding for a sale! For example
    • Pledge £80 and get a Gift Voucher for the new shop for £100 
    • Pledge £400 and get a Gift Voucher for £500
  • Pledge and get a gallery space (390 square feet) for a day!  Think of it like a Pop-Up Art Event. Those who know the costs of gallery space in London
    • Pledge £1,000 and get the gallery space for a day (10 available)
    • Pledge £5,000 and get the gallery space for a week (10 available)
  • Major discounts for LIFE!
    • Pledge £5,000 and get 15% off anything in store for life - plus a plaque in the new store! (5 left)
    • Become a Patron and pledge £10,000 and get 25% off anything in store for life (2 left)
So how about it? The deadline for pledges is 22nd September.

Do you want one of the best art shops in the world to continue - and do well in its new home?

I've donated - how about you?

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