Friday, August 31, 2018

Ken Howard gets the brush-off from police in Venice

Police in Venice have told Ken Howard to stop painting in St Mark's Square in Venice - where he has a home and has painted for the last 60 years!

Shame on the Venice Police! Should you wish to express your views this is the official English language Twitter account for Venice

I have!

Here are a couple of newspaper articles which cover what happened.
The artist, a former president of the New English Art Club and a professor of perspective at the Royal Academy, told them he had used the same spot for decades but they remained unmoved.“I first came to Venice in 1958 and I’ve never had a problem,” Prof Howard told The Telegraph.“But of all of a sudden they’ve brought in new rules which say you have to have a permit. It’s a bit daft.”On Tuesday he duly went to the municipal office which issues the permits, only to find that it was closed.
An artist known for his work in Northern Ireland during the Troubles has criticised "overzealous" police in Venice after being removed from the city's famous St Mark's Square.


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