Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Stockholm II Stool

Ever wondered about that very comfortable black sketching stool is - that's provided by most museums and art galleries?  The ones which have their very own special trolley which means they can be wheeled around to wherever they are needed...

The Stockholm II stool on its specially designed trolly
(Source:  http://www.einrichten-design.co.uk)

I'm a big fan of them - they always make sketching in galleries a very comfortable exercise. A friend used one yesterday - and wondered where one could get one...

So I took a photograph of the label of one and did a little bit of research.

It turns out that the stool is called the Stockholm II stool and
  • it's very robust - it weighs only 1.7 kg and can take up to 110 kg load capacity
  • it's also very comfortable - and has even won awards. 
STOCKHOLM II has received the “Excellent Swedish Design Award” and the “Red Dot Design Award, The Best of the Best”.
  • Plus it comes in a variety of colours. 
  • There are even variations - the New York comes with a wider seat and the Chicago one is somewhat lower to the ground. Plus there's even one for kids!
It's also designed to be bought and stored as multiples - and comes with its own dedicated trolley - which I guess is why it gets bought by all the museums and art galleries

However if you're thinking it might be nice to own one of your own, prepare for a sharp intake of breath - because they are NOT cheap. 

One of these very efficient and effective stools will set you back about £100

I shall look at them in future with a new found respect!

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