Thursday, September 13, 2018

A bit of a hiatus

I’m writing this blog post on my Mini iPad because my iMac has had to go to the Apple Hospital to have a hard drive replacement.

One of the bonuses of always buying from Apple is that when they have identified a problem with hardware they have installed - in this instance a Seagate Barrcuda 3TB hard drive which has been the subject of lawsuits due to its very high rate of failure after year 3 - they’ll replace it free of charge. Even if you are out of warranty!!  The fact I’ve just saved £335 is the good news.

The bad news is that I now need to use my Mini iPad for blogging for the next 5-7 days. Even using my Bluetooth keyboard, this is not the easiest of exercises when one is used to a 27” screen - used at 125%!

What’s more the last time I used an iPad to blog was when I was in Provence in 2011 (see Four Go Painting in Provence).

Since then the iOS has moved on and the Blogger App no longer works - because Google has not bothered to commit resources to updating it.

Plus trying to upload images from an iPad to Blogger seems really difficult - given my basic principle is do not overload your blog with very large images which only serve to slow down your blog for readers.

Why Blogger cannot access the photos on my Mini iPad - when accessing Blogger via Chrome - is beyond me. It appears that in order to get access to my photos I have to allow Google to access and upload and archive them!!!  Have they not read any of the recent legal imperatives around data privacy?

Anyway I’m trying to think of ways of posting which are simpler!  Minus images is one way!

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