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Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2019 - Call for Entries

The Call for Entries for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2019 has been published and the first prize has been increased to £20,000!

This art competition
  • promotes representational art in two-dimensional works in any painting or drawing media
  • has a significant prize pot (see below)
  • aims to display 100 of the very best original representational artworks (but in part the number depends on size and the quality of the submission)
  • at an exhibition at the Mall Galleries in March 2019
  • accepts submissions  up until 5pm on Monday 3 December 2018
The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize has been running since 2005 and I've been covering it since 2008 (see the end for my past blog posts about the competition which contain images of artwork selected). It's an art competition with a generally good reputation and one which is particularly relevant to
  • those who enjoy representational painting 
  • younger painters less than 30 years old.

About the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize 2019

Approximately 200 artists will be longlisted from the digital entry and invited to deliver their actual works after initial selection from digital entries. Following review by the Judging Panel, approximately 100 works will then be selected for exhibition in March 2019 at the Mall Galleries, London.

Last year a record 2,194 entries were received for the 2018 Prize. Of these
  • 92 drawings and paintings (4.2% of the submission) were selected for exhibition
  • by 83 artists 
Melissa Scott-Miller won the £2,000 People's Prize in Lynn Painter-Stainers 2018 with this painting


In terms of prizes it's certainly one of the more prestigious art prizes in the UK - particularly for younger artists who are eligible for two worthwhile prizes in addition to the others.

The total pot for prize money for 2018 is £35,000 split as follows:
  • the Lynn Painter-Stainers First Prize (£20,000) 
  • a second prize (£4,000) 
  • the Young Artist Award (£4,000) for young artists aged 25 or under. The aim is to promote and support fresh new talent. 
  • the Brian Botting Prize (£5,000) for an outstanding representation of the human figure by an artist aged 30 or under 
  • The Daphne Todd Prize: £2,000 
The £2,000 People's Prize which was introduced in 2018 seems to have gone and been replaced by the Daphne Todd Prize.

Lynn Painter-Stainer 2018 Prizes - Left to right:
Young Artist Prize | Second Prize | First prize
I wasn't a fan of last year's winner (see and I think it very interesting what those visiting the exhibition voted for - see first image above.
The judges will be looking for work that demonstrates the very best in creative representational painting and promotes the skill of draughtsmanship. (website)
For me, there seemed to me to be more of an emphasis on 'innovation' and 'creativity' last year and draughtsmanship seemed to take a lower profile. For example there were no drawings in the exhibition at all whereas there have been a number of works on paper in many exhibitions in the past - such as the composite work in ink on paper by the winner in 2017 - who is a Judge this year!

Winner of Lynn Painter-Stainers First Prize 2017
Lunchtime, Liverpool Street by Christopher Green
ink on paper 142 x 136 cm £5,800


The Judges Panel has changed and retained only one Judge from last year.

There are three artists - including two former first prizewinners in this competition plus two gallery directors - one commercial and one the world’s first purpose-built public art gallery.  It's a good mix.
The panel of judges will review all entries from the digital submission process. Only works shortlisted from the initial digital submission will be received for final judging in person - at the end of January


The Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize Exhibition will be at the Mall Galleries in London between 5 – 17 March 2019 (Open 10am-5pm daily, free entry)

The Exhibition will be curated by the artist Sam Wadsworth and Andrew Wilton, the Honorary Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Royal Academy of Arts.

How to Enter

These are:


Artists - Who can enter

  • Living artists over the age of 18, who are resident in the British Isles - irrespective of whether or not they are a British citizen. 
  • You can be professional or amateur artists
  • British citizens living abroad cannot enter.
Two of the prizes are age-related. It is IMPOSSIBLE to tell from the website what the date is for determining age - despite highlighting this issue FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS! Plus nowhere on the Entry Form are artists asked to state their age. The "normal rule" of most other competitions, that follow good practice and specify a date, is that the determining date is the deadline for entry.

Eligible artwork - What can you enter?

  • Original - which (although they don't say) means in art competition terms that you can assert copyright for your work. What the law says is that your work is derivative and not eligible to claim copyright if you have copied another original artwork done by somebody else - and that includes photographs.
  • two-dimensional works in ANY painting or drawing media.
  • MUST be completed in the last three years (assume the date ends on the deadline for entry)
  • MUST NOT have been previously exhibited. (Presumably within the three years which ends with the deadline for entry - again no date is specified)
If your work has been exhibited in a solo or group show in a public or commercial gallery it is not eligible for the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize. However, if your work has been in an open studio show or shown as part of your degree show or has been shown online, then it is eligible for the Prize.FAQs
  • All works must be for sale, except for commissioned portraits (which must be marked NFS on rear). Note that Commission of 40% + VAT will be levied on works sold during or as a result of the exhibition, or by means of the website, (i.e. your sale price nets you a sum equivalent to 52% of the price you state if your artwork is sold)
  • available for exhibition
  • You can submit up to 4 works
  • Longest dimension - including frame - must not exceed 60 inches (152 cms).

Entry Fee - what does it cost?

  • Entry is £15 per work (£8 per work for students).


  • 3rd December 2018 - Deadline for online entries, by 5pm (GMT)
  • 21st December 2018 - Results of initial judging emailed to artists by this date
  • 25-26th January 2019 - Shortlisted artists submit works to FBA 10am-5pm (4pm on Saturday)
  • 29th January 2019 - Results of final round judging emailed to artists by this date
  • 5 - 17th March 2019 Exhibition at Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1
(Note: the FAQs have NOT been updated for the new dates for the 2019 competition)

Entry Process - How do you enter?

This is a link to the Rules and Guidelines which you MUST read in full before you enter.
Don't blame the organisers if something happens which you didn't expect because you only skimmed them and never sat down and read them properly!

Stage 1: How to enter

  • ALL Entry is digital and online - via the secure 
  • Digital Images must be: 
    • 300 dpi 
    • file formats: JPG, TIFF, or PNG 
    • maximum file size of 1MB (increased from previous years - at last!) - but it still means a pretty small image in terms of pixel dimensions for length and height @ 300 dpi 
    • files titled using your name and at least part of the title of the artwork 
  • Submit your entry online using this online entry form.
BIG TIP: Make sure you get the best possible digital image of your artwork

Stage 2: How to submit work

You only need to submit your actual painting or drawing if you've passed the initial selection filter at Stage 1.
  • Typically around 200 artworks make it through to Stage 2 
  • If you pass, this means your art now has a 50% chance of being selected for exhibition so don;t give them an excuse to exclude it e.g. frame which is not fit for exhibition
BIG TIP: You cannot assume you can book a framer at short notice - especiallyover the Christmas/New Year period. What this means is
  • if your work is not framed then you need a framer booked and on standby 
  • then cancel the job once you've got the result if you do NOT get selected for Stage 2. Not nice for the framer but there really is no other option (speaks one who got caught out badly on one occasion when every framer was booked up in advance!)

You need to:

Good luck if you get this far! I hope I see your artwork in the exhibition....

More about the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize (2008-2018)


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