Wednesday, September 26, 2018

To hang an exhibition you need a few tools

Yesterday I was in the Mall Galleries as the finishing touches were put to the hang of the 2018 Annual Exhibition of the Society of Women Artists.

I'll be writing the review of this excellent exhibition tomorrow.

In the meantime here's an insight to some of the tools that the Tech team at the Mall Galleries use to hang an exhibition of 450 artworks in two days.

Basic tools - tapes, level, screws and cordless drill

First the artwork has to be laid out on the floor in terms of how it needs to be hung on the wall

Then the tech team and their super duper kit mobile home move in

The Tech Team Toolkit - on wheels!
A place for everything - and some of it in place and some of it in use
On the reverse there are tapes and wedges for every possible use

Wedges and tapes
Finally the big steps come out so as to adjust the lighting so it enhances the framed artwork on the wall

Very very big steps for adjusting lights
The Tech Team form part of the exhibition support for those hiring the galleries for their exhibition

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