Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas e-cards 2014 by art galleries, museums and artists

Want to send a fine art ecard for Christmas to artist friends both near and far? Have you wondered about whether seasonal ecards are available from art galleries or museums - or artists?

This is my periodical update of the situation this year.

Museums and Galleries

I've listed the art galleries and museums alphabetically - because it doesn't actually matter where you live or where you are sending an ecard too - they will all do the job for you!

However for those who like to know a bit more about the individual sources I've also indicated where they are situated

Geffrye Museum of the Home (London)

The Geffrey Museum in Shoreditch (or is it Hoxton) does a neat line in Christmas ecards of the British Home at Christmas in the past and traditional Christmas cards from the past.

The Guggenheim Museum (New York and various)

The Guggenheim has an extensive collection of ecards - very much focused on the art and not so much on Christmas per se.

However the set up is sophisticated. You get to choose the colour of the background to the card, you fill in your name and the recipient's name and your respective email addresses - and then add a message. You have the option to find out when the recipient opens the ecard.  The other nice bit is that your email is included at the end of the text message which makes it really easy for the recipient to reciprocate.

Museum of Fine Art (Boston)

The ecard facility seems to have been withdrawn.

However the MFA allows you to email items in its collection.  It's not at all sophisticated - you click the email icon, MFA then inserts a link in an email, you complete the address box and then send it. The recipient clicks the link - and gets to see the image in a new screen - but the accompanying message remains in the email.  If you search for "Christmas" you'll find images like CHRISTMAS by Robin Tanner (English, 1904–1988)

Museum of Modern Art (New York)

MOMA has a really extensive collection of ecards with a number of different categories.  For example, there are 48 pages for ecards of paintings and sculpture in its collection alone! However although it has categories for special occasions it doesn't have one for Christmas.

National Museums Liverpool (Liverpool - surprise surprise!)

Two collections are available and each has a wide selection to choose from as well as a range of styles. The ecard allows you to add your own message and to send the same card to up to 10 people if you don't want to personalise by name.  Once sent the next screen gives you the option to send another ecard.  The email arrives as a "you have been sent an ecard" and inviting you to click a link - and they, of course, manage to insert a nice display advert for finding out their activities at Christmas!  When clicked you get a nice large image plus the message underneath.
  • Fine Art Christmas cards - features paintings and sculpture from the Walker Art Gallery, Lady Lever Art Gallery and Sudley House, plus works exhibited in John Moores Painting Prize exhibitions
A selection of fine art ecards from the National Museums Liverpool

The Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton & Hove

The Royal Pavilion Museums have a collection of old-fashioned Christmas cards.  They include an option to send as an ecard.

The Tate (various)

The Tate has the Tate Kids ecard collection.   None are particularly Christmassy.

Worcester Historical Museum

They have a collection of historical Christmas cards available to send as Christmas ecards - some of which are very suitable for children

Alternatively if you'd like to study the design and decorative appeal of Christmas cards sent in the past, you should go to the Victoria & Albert Museum's Study Room Resource: Christmas

Membership ecard sites

Two ecard sites which provide seasonal greetings - for a fee - are:
  • Jacquie Lawson - an English artist who has been providing ecards for a long time and comes up with new cards for every seasonal event.  I find them a tad "folksy". This is the link to her Christmas/Advent cards
  • olie is a husband and wife team producing online greetings cards. She's the artist. These are their Christmas / Hanukkah cards and they have a wide variety of designs. They look more digital somehow compared to Jacquie Lawsons. 
Do please tell me if you've found any other sites - particularly any created by individual artists



    I love these cards from the Art Institute of Chicago.

  2. Thanks - but those are proper cards not ecards. I think most museums do Christmas cards but only a few do the ecards which are the subject of this post.


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