Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What are your favourite things - related to art?

Today I've been focused on sorting out the answers to an email interview with Steve Pill, the Editor of Artists & Illustrators Magazine - which is a very popular art magazine in the UK.

recent covers for Artists & Illustrators
You'll have to wait and see what the answers are when the magazine is published (and I'm not sure as yet which edition it will be).
However I thought I'd share the questions with you. It's for a new feature in the magazine called "My Favourite Things" - which sounds like the sort of article I always love to read!

These were my questions.
  • As an 'urban sketcher', where is your favourite place to draw?
  • And what is your favourite sketching implement?
  • If money was no object, which one painting would you most like to own?
  • Apart from your own, which art blog do you most enjoy reading and why?
  • Do you have a favourite coffee-table art book?
  • Which gallery do you enjoy visiting most to discover new art and artists?
  • Do you have a favourite art school and/or art tutor?
  • Which is your favourite art shop?
  • What was the last great exhibition you saw?
Why don't you see if you can answer these questions? 

What are your favourite things related to art?  Leave your answer as a comment - I'm interested to know! :)

I found some of them nearly impossible to answer and it was really difficult trying to narrow down to just one answer.

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