Tuesday, December 30, 2014

POLL: Selling Art in 2014 - Is the best place for generating cash the same as the best place for making a profit?

Do you know which was the best place to generate income from your art in 2014? 

Or the best place to make profit?  
Are they same - or different?

I do hope we can continue that tradition of sharing what worked - and what didn't work - in terms of selling art in 2014.

This is an incentive to get your accounts done for the calendar year 2014 so you can see:
  • where you generated the most revenue
  • where you generated the most profit
  • how your results compare with other people as to places to sell art
I'll be running TWO POLLS poll during January (in the side column) and will be reporting on both of them at the end of the month.  Polls closes on 30th January.

[Apparently the Poll wasn't working so I've changed it and there are now two new Polls in the Side Column and these are now registering votes]

The aim is to identify
  • The most (and least) effective places for selling art in 2014 - in terms of which places generate the MOST REVENUE and turnover (i.e. gross sales before costs deducted)
  • The most (and least) profitable places for selling art in 2014 - in terms of where did you generate the BEST PROFIT (i.e. net profit - profit from gross sales after deduction of the cost of sales)
It may be that some of you can only identify revenue rather than profit soI'm expecting more responses for the first compared to the second. I'm also expecting that the most profitable will not necessarily be the same as the place where you sold most.

We had problems with the polls acting funny last year so the results for 2013 are missing - and I've switched to Polldaddy to run the polls - which means you can also share a link to them on other sites if you want to let people know about them.

For those interested in what has happened in the past with this poll here are previous posts

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