Thursday, December 04, 2014

How an artist's brush is made

One thing leads to another - and after hearing about the Da Vinci 1287 yesterday I had a jolly good look around their website. Which is how I came to find this fascinating video by Da Vinci Artist Brushes about how they make their brushes.

I loved seeing what their hair looks like when it arrives and how they process it before they then start making it into brushes. Who knew it was gum arabic which creates that coating on the brush to preserve its shape until it reaches its owner?

More facts

In case you think it odd I'm highlighting Da Vinci, after viewing the video I went looking on the websites of other brushmakers for similar videos about they made their brushes and more information about brushmaking but didn't find anything as comprehensive as this website.

  • The new Winsor and Newton website seems to be dumbed down compared to its predecessor which I liked a lot.  
  • Rosemary Brushes are brilliant in their descriptions in relation to individual brushes but say nothing about the process.