Monday, December 08, 2014

Why colour converts and creates sales on websites

Did you make any deliberate decisions about which colours to use when putting together your website or blog?

Talking of websites (as I was yesterday) - and selling art online - I've just been reading an article which suggests that
  • 42% of site visitors base their opinions of a product ONLY on it’s website design.
  • 52% of site visitors did not return to a site because of bad aesthetics
Kissmetrics - How do colours affect purchases
So what did you know about aesthetics, navigability and colour when you designed your blog or website?  Anything?

For example did you know that Research from Quick Sprout indicates that 90% of all product assessments (e.g. whether or not to buy a painting or whether or not to trust your website as a place to buy art) have to do with colour (see Chapter 4: The psychology of color)

Check out this infographic by Kissmetrics (below) plus

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How Colors Affect Conversions
Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic

and finally here's a palette tool for tinkering with website and blog colours. This is Panetton - have a play!

Will you be reviewing your colour palette for your website as a result of reading any of the above? What was the claim which influenced you the most?