Saturday, December 27, 2014

The 2014 Art on Facebook Challenge

This is an invitation to a CHALLENGE for all of you who have enjoyed art on Facebook in 2014.  

SHARE the 10 favourite places on Facebook where you found art you enjoy this year! 

Between now and 31 December 2014 I'm inviting you to celebrate and share up to 10 sites on Facebook where you have enjoyed the art in 2014.

You're not sharing a specific post - you're sharing your cumulative EXPERIENCE over the whole of 2014 of enjoying a SOURCE of art on Facebook.

The source of art MUST be on Facebook and can be any of the following
  • Facebook Pages or 
  • Facebook Groups or 
  • the Personal Accounts of Facebook Members (but I suggest you make sure these are ones which are mostly public - so you can share)
Below I've identified who might own some of the Facebook sites you want to highlight

Organisations or Groups

  • Art Galleries and Museums
  • Groups of artists with a common cause
  • Newspapers / Journals employing journalists who write about art

Individual artists 

  • professional artists
  • semi-professional artists
  • artists who are keen to improve their work
  • people who are beginners

Teachers and writers and video-makers

  • art educators online
  • individual tutors who share art education on Facebook
  • people who curate and share art
  • people who write books about art
  • people who make videos about art

Art Business / Art Economy

  • people who write about the art business
  • art supplies people
It's entirely your choice!

Please use the tag #ArtOnFacebook2014 to indicate this is a post which forms part of this challenge. If you want to explain to people what's it about please feel free to link to this post - but you don't have to.

How you share them is up to you - on Facebook or on your blog or both.

  • You can post all the sites in one day 
  • Or spread out the sites you've enjoyed between now and 31st December - maybe doing two per day!  
  • You can also reshare those sites shared by others!
I'm going to be sharing sites on my Making A Mark Facebook Page between now and the end of the year - and then will post links to them all on my blog on 31st December. 

Will you accept my Facebook Art Challenge?


How this idea came about:
  1. I'm not running the Making A Mark Art Blog Awards this year for a variety of reasons - I've been mightily distracted from reading blogs by writing my book plus health issues - for me and my mother - kept me running around and continued the distraction. Overall it meant I looked at a lot less blogs in 2014 - so it didn't seem fair to do the MAM Awards. 
  2. However I did keep track of people via Facebook and I've been trying to think of a way of celebrating art in 2014 - and this is it!

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