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11th November 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Today is Remembrance Sunday and the eleventh day of the eleventh month - when people all around the Commonwealth remember all those members of the Commonwealth armed forces who have died in the line of duty that others might live.  On Monday last week I watched members of the British Legion hammer small crosses with poppies on them into regimented boxes on the grass outside Westminster Abbey.  Each was for a different part of the armed forces - with the biggest section given over to the unknown soldiers.

However, many of the crosses had names on.

Sometimes the simplest images are the most powerful - although oddly I can find no artwork associated with Remembrance Sunday.

A number of the crosses have names on and messages from loved ones
photographed outside Westminster Abbey
In the USA:
and in Newfoundland, Jeanette Jobson (Illustrated Life) painted and posted a painting of a poppy for Remembrance

Artists and Art Blogs

Who Painted This?
  •  My new series of posts is proving to be very popular and everybody seems to be being good and sticking to the rules - because this week nobody has worked it out as yet!  Who painted this? #3 has the answer to Who painted this? #2 at the end of the post and two supplementary clues in the comments
Drawing and Sketching 
Loosely defined goals are for each participant to produce 50 individual works/drawings between Nov 1 and Nov 30. You can always do more than 50 if you've got it in you! That's just the minimum everyone should be shooting for.
    "an ever-growing collection of fine art images that depict women in the act of making visual art: painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking etc."
and includes one of my favourite paintings of a woman painting - next to a Fountain -
by John Singer Sargent 
John Singer Sargent - The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy - Google Art Project

The Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati, Italy by John Singer Sargent
oil on canvas, 714 mm (28.11 in). Width: 565 mm (22.24 in).

Art Business & Marketing

while fine art is big business, there is often a wide chasm between the creative process that makes a great artist or a sophisticated gallery owner, and the marketing process that drives branding and sales.
It was a roaring success, by all accounts. We had tons of visitors. We had great sales. (It’s important for artists to sell so we can keep making art!) Our studios have never been cleaner, too.
Copyright for Artists (see my website Copyright for Artists for more information)
Art Societies and Art Competitions

Call for Entries

 Jordi Ruiz Cirera - winner of the First Prize in
the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize being interviewed by CNN
At the entrance to the exhibition is the winner of The John Kobal New Work Award The Nine Lives of Ai Weiwei
© Matthew Niederhauser 
Art Exhibitions
Art Museums and Galleries
Art Education
Tips and Techniques
Art Studio
Opinion Poll

Watercolour paints - tubes and pans. 
Brands represented here include
Winsor & Newton, Rembrandt Van Gogh, Schmincke, Maimeri and LeFranc & Bourgeois

This month's Making A Mark Poll is considering POLL: Which are the best artist-quality watercolour paints? - however the Blogger Poll module started to malfunction and then started to lose votes.  So I had a bit of a think.  So.......
  • In double quick time I produced Which is the best brand of watercolour paint for artists? which is the website I'd intended to produce this month.  (It contains a brand analysis) In it I incorporated a poll into that - which will run until the end of 2013.
  • Blogger was stung into action ;) and cleared up the problems with the original poll - so I switched that back to its original position and removed the link to the new poll.
  • So far there are two clear brand leaders on both polls.
  • I then asked people to vote in The Big Watercolour Debate - Tubes versus Pans
and finally......

Veronica Lawlor and other 1482 illustrators have created a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser for to raise money for the displaced victims of the storm. Go the website to see the prints which are available for a donation of $50 or more.  Here's


  1. Chockablock full of information again Katherine. I don't know how you find the time to keep up with it all. Its my art version of the Sunday Times. :) Even if its Monday when I'm reading it!

    Thanks for the mention. Remembrance Day is something I always have and always will promote as it was drilled into me from when I first drew breath I believe.

  2. Thanks for mention Katherine. I'm very keen to see the answer to the WHo Painted This - I've given up after exhausting my own library and what I could find on the web. It'll be interesting to hear how people tracked it down. It's a great new addition to your repertoire - thanks for doing it.


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