Friday, November 30, 2012

Who painted this? #6

This is the sixth "Who Painted This"?

This week I've had to remove the signature which was a tad too explicit about who in fact painted this!  I have some clues worked out for if people have difficulty identifying this painter.  See below for the rules for how to submit your answer.

Who painted this? #6
How to Participate in "Who Painted This? #6"

The sub-theme of this challenge is about finding out more about artists and artworks - so it's actually as much about your enjoyment of the process as it is about the answer.

PLEASE make sure you read the rules before posting a comment - and ONLY post what you think is the answer on this blog.

THE RULES for participating in this challenge are as follows:
  1. This is about using brains not technology - so please do not "cheat".  This is what you can and cannot do to search for the answer online
    • PLEASE do NOT use any of the "image matching" technology which exists(eg Chrome or Tineye) - that's just plain lazy and not the point of the challenge! My suspicions will be raised by those who appear to know the answer a bit too quickly and/or fail to identify themselves!
    • You can use search enquiries - using WORDS ONLY to search on Google or any other search engine or to interrogate databases of images
    • You can look at as many books as you like!
  2. Do NOT leave the answer as a comment on Facebook.  If you do I will delete the comment and you will NOT be declared the winner.
  3. Leave your answer as a comment on this blog. (IF CORRECT IT WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED until just before the next challenge) 
    • You can leave a guess - and if I don't publish the name you know you're on the right lines even if you don't yet have all the details
    • Howls of frustration can also be left while you try and work it out....... 
  4. In your comment, for #5, you must tell me ALL of the following:
    • the title of the artwork
    • the name of the artist who painted this picture
    • the date it was created
    • the media used
    • where it lives now
    • how you know all this eg how did you do your search 
  5. The Winner! The first identifiable person (ie no anonymous guesses) who, in my judgement, is the first person to get to the answer by fair means will get a mention and a link to their website or blog (or both) in:
    • my very popular weekly blog post "Who's made a mark this week?"
    • the post with next week's challenge.

I will leave a clue - as a comment on the post - if you're not not getting anywhere in the first 24 hours.

Publication - and non-publication - of answers / comments 

Here's how the comments work: 
  • All comments are moderated and I read ALL the comments prior to publication 
  • I do NOT publish the correct answers (in full or part) until a week later - assuming somebody actually gets the answer!  Which means if your comment is not published you know you could be on the right lines.  Plus it also means others can have the enjoyment of the challenge even if they are probably too late to win.
  • The comments are also published in the order they were left not the order that I open them - which means you can all see who got the right answer first and provided all the details.
  • Hence AFTER publication of this post and BEFORE the day of the publication of the next post (i.e. next Friday) I ONLY publish all the incorrect answers and all the howls of frustration! 

    Who painted this? #5 - The Answer
      The person who posted the correct answer first to Who painted this? #5 is "Speedy" Sue Smith (Sue's Sketch Blog). (I've given Sue a prefix as she also won "Who Painted This #3" ! You need a subscription to this blog and to be up early to beat Sue!)

      Here are all the details I was after in the answer (except for those in brackets)
      1. Title of the artwork:  Portrait of Pablo Picasso
      2. Name of the artist:  Ramon Casas
      3. Date it was created c.1900
      4. Media used: Drawing - Charcoal and pastel on paper (69 x 44.5 cm)
      5. Current HomeMuseu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (Donated by the artist, 1909)
      1900 was the year that Picasso travelled to Paris - so well done those who worked it out from the profile of Montmartre!  He went for for the Universal Exhibition, and while there "was inspired by the avant garde works of Cezanne, Matisse, and the Fauvist movement which was taking place at the time."

      Congratulations to all those who got to the solution - you gave some great answers to how you got there.  I do hope people will go and read the comments as they demonstrate how much fun it is to track down a painting!

      Others (who have real names + blogs or websites) who also got the answer correct in all respects are: Rose Welty and Jane Gardiner (who took three goes having guessed the subject, then found the drawing and then found all the details!) and Fred Marsh.  

      I do wish people would get themselves a website or a blog or something which would stop them being virtually anonymous online.  Those who got all or part of the answer right are Raymond Bell and The Herb Lady.  

      I promised you I'd show you the other drawing - click the link in the title Ramon Casas (1900) by Picasso which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's very small - just 4 1/4 x 4 1/8 in.  I must confess I prefer the portrait OF Picasso!

      More about Ramon Casas (1866 - 1932)

      Here are some links to more information about and paintings by Ramon Casas