Monday, November 26, 2012

26th November 2012 - Who's made a mark this week?

Marion Boddy Evans made me smile this week with her post about The 10 Personality Types at Art Workshops which are:
  1. The Fish Out of Water
  2. The Sunday Painter
  3. The Quiet Mouse
  4. The Sponge
  5. The Significant Artist's Significant Other
  6. The Art Club President
  7. The Serial Workshopper
  8. The Groupie
  9. The Overtly Arty Person
  10. The (Semi-) Professional
I'm thinking it might make a few other tutors smile - and for those yet to go on a painting holiday it gives you an insight into the sort of people who go.  I personally find the painting hats are always a bit of a giveaway!

Sketching in Mesta
© Katherine Tyrrell
I've got my fingers crossed that I'm coming to the end of the cold/flu bug and that I'll be able to get out and about again this week.  It's been two weeks so far.

Artists and Art Blogs

Drawing and Sketching
Sketch by Vivien Blackburn
Pastels and Pencils
Sue Pownall painting her part of the mural
© Sue Pownall
  • Sue Pownall (Art of a Nomad) wrote to tell me about a recent artistic initiative in Oman where she lives. The Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art in Oman created a collaborative wall painting project. In the end, nearly 100 Omani and international artists participated in the project (for free) - including some with special needs - and have painted a a wall mural in celebration of HM Sultan Qaboos' 42 year reign. It was finally unveiled on Tuesday 20th November - see Wall Painting Unveiled - and will remain on display for 3 months. The museum plans to make this an annual event through choosing themes which are important to both Omanis and international visitors.   This is Sue's slideshow of the event
  • If you read back through the last few posts on Sherrie Yorks's Brush and Baren blog you'll be able to follow the process used in producing a linocut print - of a Magpie.  As always Sherrie ie very generous in her sharing and explanations of how she works.
Who painted this?
  • Congratulations to Adebanji Alade the winner of "Who painted this" #4. 13 people got the correct answer! The correct answer was that this was a painting of the Hawkesbury River by Australian landscape painter Arthur Streeton. It's 4 foot square and he painted it plein air!
  • This is my new website About Arthur Streeton - the Australian Landscape Painter who painted 'The purple noon's transparent might' - which was the painting of the Hawkesbury River, north west of Sydney which featured as the subject of Who Painted This? #4
  • This is Who painted this? #5 - remember to read the rules carefully.
Art Business & Marketing

The Art Gallery Business
Most do not realize that an art gallery is a business and that operating a business is a 24/7 commitment. Running an art gallery is hard work and it requires wearing many hats.
Generating Grants
Selling Art
Shipping Art
Support Groups for Artists
Art Collectors and the Art Economy
  • An article in the Economist Collectors, artists and lawyers asserts that fear of litigation is hobbling the art market.  [This one was delivered to me personally by "he who must not be bored while I sketch" - in his newly adopted role of personal clippings service! :) ]
Art Competitions
Art Exhibitions

Exhibitions in the UK

My sketch of Constable's "Boatbuilding near Flatford Mill"
11" x 16", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
(see Sketching Constable in the V&A)
Letters by Gainsborough, Turner’s watercolour box and Constable’s palette will also be on display, bringing their artistic practice to life.
this is the third show this year to present Turner in company with other artists – it's as if he is no longer safe to be let out on his own.
Exhibitions in North America
Art Bloggers Exhibitions
  • Through the efforts of her hard-working husband, my friend Louise Sackett (Plein Speaking - Painting plein air in Wind Canyon) has finally achieved a personal goal - the grand opening of an exhibition in her very own studio - the 'Wind Canyon Studio' just outside Silver City in New Mexico. See Grand Opening! - Its Official.
Art Education

Tips and Techniques
Art History
Art Videos
and finally......

This is a rather good video of Royal Academician Anish Kapoor doing his bit for campaigning for human rights in China and the activities of Wei Wei - Gangnam for Freedom - Anish Kapoor and Friends (Official Video). 


  1. Delighted to hear that article made you smile Katherine! It grew out of a conversation I had with someone about going on workshops (which I love doing) and the kinds of people I've encountered (99% of them are fabulous).

  2. Interesting bit on Ken Howard, I'll look for his book. The curator of my solo show this year actually gave me an old book of Turner's travels in England - complete with local maps and paintings of sites! It turns out I've been to several of them purely by chance (some through geology rather than art), and painted others without knowing Turner had been there. I keep thinking of doing a tour.

  3. Thanks once again for the cornucopia of great information and inspiring work, Katherine! (The magpie thanks you, too.)

  4. This website is the most excellent website.

  5. Loved the personality types, really made me laugh this morning! As something of a people watcher myself, I am always trying to identify types. It should be a sport!! Great, informative post as always Katherine.

  6. I like your blot, it´s very interesting.
    I follow you.

    Have a nice week.

  7. file:///Users/katherinetyrrell/Documents/ALL%20ART/all%20art%20competitions/TOPTEN%20Tips%20for%20getting%20into%20gallleries,%20exhibitions%20and%20competitions%20by%20Harriete%20Berman.pdf

    Link doesn't appear to be working Katherine, or is it just me?


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