Saturday, November 24, 2012

About Arthur Streeton - Australian Landscape Painter

For those of you who liked Arthur Streeton's painting of the Hawkesbury River which featured in Who painted this? #4, I've developed a new website about him.

About Arthur Streeton - Australian Landscape Painter includes all the links to information and images which I could find online last week and I have to say I'm very impressed.  It only goes to remind me what a northern hemisphere view of art history we seen to have at times.

Golden Summer, Eaglemont by Arthur Streeton (1889)
Collection: National Gallery of Australia
I thought I'd highlight one or two of the links I've found and included in the new website below:
Finally, here's a video about another of Streeton's paintings Golden Summer, Eaglemont (see  above painting) which is in the National Gallery of Australia. Click the link in the title to read more about this painting
Golden Summer, Eaglemont is one of the best-known paintings of the Heidelberg School and has long been recognised as an Australian masterpiece.

24 61325 - Arthur Streeton 'Golden summer, Eaglemont' 1889 from National Gallery of Australia on Vimeo.

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