Sunday, November 04, 2012

POLL #2: Best professional watercolour paints

The Bad News: My Blogger Poll (see POLL: Which are the best artist-quality watercolour paints?) refuses to behave and has lost all its votes!  Apparently it's a Blogger problem and there's no solution on the horizon.

The Good News: I've resurrected the poll on a separate "resources for artists" site which I'd intended to construct during the course of this month.

Instead I've had to do the speedy version and two days and a lot of work later it's very nearly complete.

The aim of the website is to provide a comprehensive compendium about all current professional grade watercolour paints for artists.  Click the link below to take a look.

Which is the best brand of watercolour paint for artists?
Do you want to know about: * which is the best brand of professional grade watercolour paints for artists? * the colour range and characteristics of different brand of artist-quality watercolour paint?

More Good News: The second version of the Poll has a more complete range of professional grade watercolours for artists - I'd forgotten one or two which I did know about (and David this time Grumbacher is included!) and have found one or two more which I didn't know anything at all about!

In addition, the website provides a module for each brand of watercolour paint (not quite complete as yet - it's taken a lot longer than I expected to find all the links!).  This provides:
  • Links to all the manufacturers sites, and colour charts and health and safety data where available
  • A summary of the colours available - using the same format for all the different brands which makes it easier to see how the ranges vary
  • Highlights reviews of the different paints
I'd be very happy to add in any reviews which people have done on their blogs in the past and which i've not yet found

Please vote (again)!

If those people who have already voted - and their vote disappeared - could possibly vote again I'd be absolutely delighted!  These are the links to the two polls
Many thanks for all your comments about different watercolour paints - they've been great You can also submit comments on the poll on the website.

I'll be reporting on the result at the end of the month.  However as I've now got it set up on a separate site I'll keep it running there for at least a year and will report back again towards the end of 2013 as to how the different brands fared.

[NOTE: We're on the last leg of the visit from the Australian contingent and there will be no "who's made a mark this week?"  Tomorrow Westminster Abbey and the National Portrait Gallery followed by a trip to the airport!]

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