Friday, November 16, 2012

Who painted this #4

This is the fourth Who Painted This?.

The sub-theme of this challenge is about finding out more about artists or paintings. I think I'd only come across this artist a couple of times before I found this painting. Make of that what you will.

Who Painted This? #4
Who Painted This? #4 - How to participate

If you want to play the game: the rules are:
  1. You need to leave your answer as a comment on this blog.  Howls of frustration can also be left while you try and work it out.......
  2. In your comment, you must tell me ALL of the following:
    • the title of the artwork
    • the name of the artist
    • the date it was created
    • the media used
    • where it lives now
    • how you know all this eg how did you do your search (note 3 below)
  3. This is about using brains not technology - so please do not "cheat".
    • PLEASE do NOT use any of the "image matching" technology which exists (eg Chrome or Tineye) - that's just plain lazy! My suspicions will be raised by those who appear to know the answer a bit too quickly!
    • You may use Google or any other search engine to search on WORDS in databases of images. 
  4. If you're not getting anywhere in the first 24 hours I'll leave a clue as a comment on the post.
The person who in my judgement is the first person to get to the answer by fair means will get a mention in my very popular weekly blog post - along with a link to their website or blog or both.

Publication of comments

Here's how the comments work:

  • All comments are moderated and I read ALL the comments prior to publication
  • After publication of this post I ONLY publish all the incorrect answers and all the howls of frustration! 
  • However I do NOT publish the comments by all those who name the artist correctly and/or provide ALL the correct details until a week later - assuming somebody actually gets the answer!  The comments are also published in the order they were left not the order that I open them.  So if your comment is not published you know you could be on the right lines.

Who painted this? #3 - The Answer

The answer is:
The Concord Meadow by Childe Hassam
  • the title of the artwork - The Concord Meadow (click the link to see a larger version and zoom in on the wonderful mark-making!)
  • the name of the artist - Childe Hassam  (American, 1859-1935) - probably my favourite American Impressionist painter
  • the date it was created - c. 1891
  • the media used - Pastel and gouache on canvas; Unframed: 18 x 22 1/8 inches (45.72 x 56.21 cm)
  • where it lives now - Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (not on view)
In the early autumn of 1891 Childe Hassam visited Concord, in northeastern Massachusetts. The trip resulted in a series of beautiful landscapes executed in pastel augmented with gouache. Drawn with quick, sure strokes and described through contrasting warm and cool tones, The Concord Meadow simultaneously suggests the expanse of grassland framed by a hilly ridge that defines this locale and evokes the fleeting particulars of light, color and atmosphere.Hassam began using pastel in Paris in the late 1880s after seeing it employed to great advantage by the French Impressionists. Like Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Hassam recognized that the inherent soft texture of the medium was an ideal way to enhance the impressionistic effects he sought.
Google Art Project
Childe Hassam - self portrait (crop)
More About Childe Hassam

You can find out more about Childe Hassam in my website About Childe Hassam - American Impressionist Painter.
The winner

Many congratulations to the winner of "Who Painted This #3" is Sue Smith (Sue's Sketch Blog).

This one had a lot of you stumped for a very long time so it's an especially noteworthy win. Note Sue got there the methodical way - which always pays off in the end!
It's The Concorde Meadow by Frederick Childe Hassam, 1891, gouache and pastel and is now in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. I finally got there by making a list of American Impressionists and searching various sites, Google and Bing, finally google art project came up with the goods. I am now cross eyed but have learned a lot about American Impressionists!
An Honorary Mention goes to Roger Browne who two days later also eventually got there and found all the details too.

Rose Welty and Vivienne St. Clair were also on the right lines and got as far as the name of the painter.

Their comments have now all been published.