Sunday, June 07, 2009

7th June 2009 - Who's made a mark this week?

What my East End looks like this week
photos copyright Katherine Tyrrell

My general view is that I'm not going to do anything new on the Internet unless it's really simple, very fast and adds value! Anything that makes my life any more complicated than it is doesn't get a look in. However this week I finally succumbed to Twitter - makingamark2 is me - plus there's a new module in the right hand column where you can see me twittering away even more than usual.

I think like a lot of people I was afraid that it could be another huge time waster. I was converted when I realised that you could maybe get this post in the "drip drip version" and it also meant that I didn't lose a good link because I forgot to transfer it to my weekly draft. (You do know I don't write this all on Sunday don't you?)

On the whole I'm finding that if you're think carefully about who you follow (content still rules supreme for me!) then the stream of tweets can actually be very useful in terms of hearing about stuff and finding things out. I really am not trying to create a big list of people I follow - rather I want to see good content coming through on a regular basis - interspersed with odd bits about life. Menus are good! ;) I expect it might all look very different in a month's time! I'm also not at all keen on a lot of the moneygrubbers who wanted to follow me and they are being ruthlessly banned from my feed!

I've discovered that the Guardian has a whole module devoted to Twitter and also that Paul Carr had an article which I'll be paying attention to until I get the hang of this (you have to scroll through a long story about something that went viral before you get to the 10 commandments for Twitter followers!)

Do feel free to suggest all your best tips for Twittering!

Art Blogs

Plein air

There's a little bit of a plein air theme this week - which I'll be following up this week when I introduce Sketchercise. In the meantime here are some sites and post which may interest you:
I have been painting on location for over 40 years, but I am new at making a website. I want to make this the online meeting place. A real down to earth kind of site to publicize events, exchange ideas, express yourself, and of course, make new friends.There is no fee, no jury and world-wide. It is open to everyone who paints outdoors on location. So beginners can learn and be inspired by the masters. There is also a good market here to advertise your workshops.
Donald Maier
You don't have the luxury to put away the brush and come back to it later.
The changing light doesn't leave you any options either.
And knowing you've gone through all this effort to walk down here(it is hard work to do plein air painting!) adds to the adrenaline of getting the job done.
Ronell van Wyk
  • I came across two blogs which seem to be linked to the National Academy of Professional Plein Air Artists - but they are badly set up, lack content and don't appear to have any community orientation - hence I'm not highlighting the links here!
  • Plein Air Magazine is considering making a return - and would like you to complete a survey. Just click the link to find out what it wants to know.
Drawing and sketching
Bert takes personal grooming very seriously
pencil in sketchbook
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Coloured pencils and pastels
Gayle Mason with Hot Spot
8" x 20", coloured pencils with acrylic glazes on Arches HP

PaintersArt Group Blogs

Art Business and Marketing

    1. Minimum negative space.
    2. Shiny objects.
    3. Detail.
    4. Happy subjects.
    5. Leave peripheral areas incomplete.
    6. Listen to comments from viewers.
    7. Maintain logical, consistent pricing that collectors can understand.
    8. Keep people engaged in your career.

Art and the economy

  • The context for degree shows this year is very different - this article explains why Art Sales: degree shows
  • Another bonus culture bomb coupled with art fraud this time? Back in April, the BBC (and others) reportedthat a head teacher and other senior staff at the Copland School has been awarding themselves huge annual bonuses (£50k+). They were subsequently suspended pending an investigation. The Guardian has now published a rather a disturbing article which suggests that various works by Mary Fedden RA which had been given to the school had been sold at Sotheby's. Apparently Fedden donated the work with the intention that it would be seen by the children - not used to pay senior staff huge bonuses. I wonder what the School Governors have to say?
Art Education / Tips and techniques

I've found an awful lot of tips and demos and useful information in the art education department this week

Finally some dates for your diary if you live in the UK:

Art Exhibitions

The country is awash with graduation shows and open studios at the moment - as well as a number of exhibitions which opened this week or next. I'm never quite sure why dates are chosen which would appear to compete for collectors' time. Or maybe the notion is that collectors will all come to London at the same time and get round to all the shows?

Websites and Blogging

and finally........

For those of you wondered what happened to Maggie Stiefvater (Words on Words) after she stopped being a successful professional artist and started producing best selling novels instead and became a full time author - this is what happened when she took the trip to New York for Book Expo America (click the link to see it all) and this is what the BEA is!

Making a Mark reviews......