Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sketchercise - now on Flickr too!

Thanks for applying - Thank you to all the people who applied for membership of Sketchercise yesterday. There are obviously a lot of people who are very interested in the idea.

Thanks for blogging - Thank you also to all the current members of the Sketchercise Ning community who are already writing about Sketchercise on their blogs. :) Here are some examples..........
Sorry! - However it was very sad yesterday to have to turn down about half the people who applied for membership of Sketchercise yesterday. This is because while our Ning community is still very new and getting off the ground we're limiting new members to people who are already active in terms of sketching combined with some form of activity. What that means is that I take a look at your website or blog to find evidence of what you've achieved so far - in terms of combining sketching and exercising.

What's clear is that there are people who like the idea who aren't doing it at present.

The good news - So, in order that people who are interested in Sketchercise can give it a go AND have a place where you can post your work to show us what you've been up to, I've created a second site for those who are very new to sketching and exercising at the same time.
I'm now off to see the Pastel Society Private View this afternoon and also pick up an artwork before the Tube strike kicks in tomorrow!

Making a Mark reviews......

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