Monday, June 01, 2009

MAM Poll June: Which is your preferred media for painting plein air?

In April we found out what subjects people like to paint and last month we found out which media people like to use when drawing or sketching

On the first day of summer, it seems appropriate for the Making A Mark Poll for June to take a look at which is our preferred media for painting - plein air. Hopefully we'll get lots of tips from people about painting plein air too!

Next month we'll look at painting in the studio.

For the purposes of this poll I decided we probably needed a little definition here.

So I'm suggesting that a painting executed plein air is something that is
  • not a quick sketch
  • not a drawing
  • probably covers all or nearly all of the support being used
  • possibly a plein air study for a studio painting
  • possibly a painting which will go straight to a gallery!
Media options for painting plein air

So - what are the options? There are lots of options and they all have their pros and cons - hopefully we'll hear a bit more about those from your perspective in the comments.

The painting plein air media options in the Opinion Poll are as follows:
  • traditional oils
  • water miscible oils
  • alkyds (fast drying oils)
  • acrylics
  • watercolour (pans and tubes)
  • gouache
  • casein
  • artist quality ink
  • tempera
  • soft/hard pastels
  • oil pastels
  • mixed media
You can find the poll in the right hand column - underneath all the smiley faces of my blog 'followers'.

I find most artists tend to settle on one media for painting outdoors - although they may use more when painting in the studio. However as last month, the poll allows multiple responses based on media used on a regular basis rather than those you might use occasionally.

The Poll finishes early on 30th June and I'll post an analysis of the results later the same day. Then the next poll on painting media used in the studo will start on 1st July.

Why do you like your chosen media?

Please comment - I'd love to hear about why you chose the medium you now work with.

I'm also hoping we might be able to encourage a few more people to try painting plein air this summer. So - how about a few tips?
  • If you're a seasoned plein air painter and have the time please can you highlight any tips you have for using your chosen media plein air.
  • If you're new to plein air painting can you please highlight any issues you've encountered with your chosen painting medium - positive or negative - and how you responded - and whether it worked!
  • If you're thinking about plein air painting for the first time please let us know what's stopping you!
Note: A very long time ago I used to paint more in watercolour - and the images in this post are sketches by me - in watercolour - of artists plein air painting in watercolour - in Goa, Prague and Bali respectively!

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