Sunday, June 28, 2009

28th June 2009 - Who's made a mark this week? #102

Somebody said this weekend that there are going to be a lot of people who will remember where they were when they heard Michael Jackson had died.

I was out sketching in Hampstead on Friday. All day, all I heard was the sound of Michael Jackson coming out of cafes, houses and cars.

For those of us aged 50+, there's something very poignant about the loss of an artist who was part of our own childhoods and who was also younger than us when he died.

I've never ever been somebody who has been in the least bit interested in drawing celebrities - however I've always found it very helpful to draw somebody whose death has touched me in some way. For all of us who kept thinking all Friday about that very small boy on the Andy Williams show with the incredibly beautiful and soulful voice on "I'll Be There'', this is my drawing of a very young Michael Jackson. RIP.

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The results will be posted on Tuesday 30th June and a new survey will be posted on Wednesday 1st July.

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Some of my recent sketches of people in interiors in London
pencil or pen and ink and coloured pencils

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First an apology. I've had all sorts of problems with the feed and related statistics for Making a Mark reviews...... but since sorting the problem out I've discovered that my new blog now has very nearly 100 subscribers. Many thanks to all of you who have been subscribing - and welcome to my review blog! Sorry it took a while for me to catch up on just how many of you are reading it!

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PaintersALERT: On Tuesday 30th June, you can see a BBC programme David Hockney, A Bigger Picture (Tuesday, 10.35pm), he discusses moving back to his Bradford birthplace from Los Angeles after a personal crisis left him "feeling alone and empty".
Filmed over three years with unprecedented access, this documentary captures the return from California of England's favourite living artist.
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  • For all those artists producing small works - take a look at my post about the ING Discerning Eye 2009 - call for entries. PLUS I've now had confirmation from the organisers that this art competition is indeed open to an international entry - if you can resolve the issues re logistics

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Art Education

This experimental one-day workshop presents a contemporary take on the traditional life class. It incorporates hi- and low-tech digital media and performance to create an inspiring visual experience, presenting the life model in a completely new way. Participants creatively respond to the life model in the digitally manipulated environment using analogue techniques such as drawing and collage as well as simple digital tools (printed and photocopied images).

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  • I wrote about The Magic Hour - which includes a link to a website which enables you to work out when this is on any day of the year anywhere in the world
The Magic Hour
8" x 10", coloured pencils on Arches HP

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  • I wrote about the National Gallery - new website and paintings for iphones
  • The City of Cologne's Historic Archive was the richest collection of medieval records of northern continental Europe. It survived World War II but the building which housed it fell into a massive hole in March - created after tunnelling for a new Underground line generated a major collapse. The Salvage operation after Cologne archive disaster now estimates that 85% has been retrieved - but that recreating the catalogue for it all may take up to 30 years.

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and finally........

The Daily Telegraph has reports that Angel of the North sculptor and Royal Academician Antony Gormley will appear in The Archers - that well known tale of countryfolk on Radio 4. Now I've heard everything!

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Katherine! I keeping tabs on your blog as well.

  2. Thanks for the mention Katherine! A nice suprise!

  3. Very nice drawing of Michael Jackson. I too like to remember the little boy and young man. He had so much talent even then.

  4. I love drawing of Michael Jackson, I´m fan number one... I had drawing of MJ when I was little girl...
    A kiss from Spain

  5. Catching up on all things blogging and what a great surprise. Thanks for the mention. Scribble friends are off on holiday for a well deserved rest. Have an ace summer:-))


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