Thursday, June 25, 2009

The One Show's Summer Exhibition

There's more than one Summer Exhibition!

I had a very nice email from the BBC yesterday asking me whether I could highlight a new art competition - and it's my very great pleasure to do so!

The One Show has been inspired by the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition and have decided to celebrate the talent and creativity amongst us all. So they're going to have their very own Summer Exhibition!

We heart your art! Here at The One Show we know that many of you are passionate about creating art. So we're asking to see your masterpieces!

The competition launches tomorrow on Friday 26th June 2009 when you will be able to get more details about how to enter your work.
Whether it's watercolour, printwork, crochet, pottery or other kinds of artwork, we want you to submit a photo of your original art to The One Show website.

The artwork that catches our judges' eyes will appear on The One Show - in front of an audience of millions.
So all you have to do now is make sure that you visit The One Show website tomorrow to read the terms of conditions and get more information on how to enter your work in The One Show Summer Exhibition - and maybe get it seen by millions of people watching this very popular magazine programme on the BBC!

In the meantime, why not:
  • see the videos relating to Phil Tuffnell entering a painting in the RA Summer Exhibition
  • have a read of this online debate on the One Show website about Graffiti - art or rubbish?

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  1. So disappointing when the link is blocked, (video) it says 'not avaiable in your area' (New Zealand) I know there is a way around this using a back door but I am technically challenged. Thank you for doing all that you do, we 'far away people' get to see quite a lot in the end.

  2. Sobbing quietly yet again at being locked out of access to what looks like a splendid BBC video!

    Time for Making a Mark to launch a campaign, Katherine. You can change the world - the BBC already knows you are here! Go get 'em.


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