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Highlights from "who's made a mark this week"? (June - December 2007)

Who's made a mark this week? started almost exactly two years ago on 17th June 2007. In this post I'm going to highlight a few of the items which were highlighted in the first six months.

A dozen eggs by Duane Keiser
copyright the artist

I've picked an item from each week and the week they featured in is listed at the end of each item.

It's really interesting to see how many of the good links are still there two years later. However, this exercise has certainly taught me which websites don't maintain their links over time(!). That's certainly going to influence which sources I use for links I include in future!

Artists' work

Well I have to start with the man who has probably influenced the start of more art blogs than any other! What better way to start than with one of his favourite subjects?
  • A dozen eggs: Duane Keiser (A Painting a Day) posted the egg painting to end all egg paintings. Read some of the reasons why he started painting eggs. (17th June 2007)
  • Tracy Helgeson has a post Cape Cod Redux (see right) which really demonstrates just how powerful a body of work in a consistent style can look when presented in an exhibition at a gallery. Read the gallery's description of her landscapes inspired by upstate New York and Tracy's own comment on her solo exhibition (in the comments to her own blog post) to see just how powerful it can be for sales as well. (15th July 2007)
  • This week I'm featuring Walt Taylor and the drawings which he does for the Norfolk Virginian Pilot. We all know him as Wally or that elusive character Sparky Donatello (and he's in this picture somewhere!) who writes and draws for CrackSkullBob - the name of his blog. His wonderful annotated drawings document scenes of life as it is lived, culture as it is observed and the architectural heritage in and around Norfolk Virginia, Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach. Walt says in words and images some of the things other people only think. You can see all his images here and the rest of his images here . (5th August 2009)
  • Vivien Blackburn - on the publication of an article about her art in "Leicestershire and Rutland Life" (see right). This is an established and exclusive magazine whose readers are characterised as aspirational high achievers who want to "buy the very best for themselves, their homes and their loved ones".....You can read more about the nerve-wracking process of having an article published about you on her blog here. (22nd July 2007)

Large reclining figure 1984 by Henry Moore
located at Kew Gardens
Photo copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Art Business and Marketing
  • Copyright: Thanks to Lorelle Van Fossen (Lorelle on Wordpress) for alerting me to the most amazing compilation of links to websites and articles and definitive statements about copyright available on the internet. Smashing Magazine's blog has an article called Copyright Explained: I May Copy It, Right?. Definitely recommended reading. (8th July 2007)
  • an interview with Jack Vettriano in Times Online highlights how he got started and his attitude to the art establishment. (9th September 2007)
  • Congratulations to......Gayle Mason (Fur in the Paint) who had a very successful day yesterday with her new stand at the 31st Supreme Show ("Crufts" for cats) of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (the feline equivalent of the Kennel Club) at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.... Gayle's latest cat "Shred" (a red Norwegian Forest cat - coloured pencil on pastelbord) kept stopping the traffic at the show. I lost count of the number of times people gaped and announced that he was just like their cat. The rest of her cats also impressed and we came away with a very clear idea about which images people liked the most and which breeds people are most interested in seeing developed for her portfolio. (18th November 2007)
Art Education and workshops
  • The Big Drawing Book Review - October is the month of The Big Drawing Book Review. Below is a list of reviews done so far. The list is in date order and includes name of blogger (name of their blog + link) and then the title of the book being reviewed + link to blog post reviewing it and name of author - plus the 'pencils' rating given by the reviewer. (21st October 2007)
Art Exhibitions
  • I've only just discovered The Art Newspaper's Exhibitions Guide to exhibitions all over the world. You can drill down by country or category of art. It provides information about upcoming exhibitions - before they've hit gallery websites. It's a neat way of planning any trips you might be thinking of. (16th September 2007)
  • The SOFA exhibition has been another big success for feline artists and both Gayle Mason and I sold work. Gayle sold "Out of Sight" twice - read her blog post to find out how! The one I sold was "Pause" which is a drawing of my abyssinian cat Polly enjoying the sunlight - with ear cocked for sounds behind her as I walked up and found her there. (23rd September 2007)
Art Forums
  • I discovered a neat trick this week. Go to and then insert 'artist forum' into the search box and it produces a list of forums for artists. It comes out as an alphabetical listing AND it provides you with information about them in terms of ranking, people counts in relation to traffic and any other information collected about them from the internet. (7th October 2009)
Art History
Art Museums and Galleries
Art Videos
  • I only realised this week that John Ward CBE, RP, NEAC died aged 89 on 14th June - planning an exhibition for his 90th birthday. This is what The Independent had to say in its obituary......Do read what John Doyle MBE PPRWS had to say about how he was taught to paint by John Ward in an equally informative obituary in The Guardian.....John Ward's work emphasised drawing and he did quite a bit of work in pastel. I always really enjoyed seeing his work in a show and would always make a point of locating it early so I could also come back to it again at the end. In fact, I drew the wall on which his work hung at the recent exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. (29th July 2007)

    John Ward meets Boris Johnson at the Mall Galleries
    8" x 10", pen and sepia ink and coloured pencils in moleskine sketchbook
    copyright Katherine Tyrrell
Websites and blogging
and finally......

Congratulations to.... "He who must not be bored while I sketch" - who got a letter this week saying he's been awarded a Distinction in his Master's Degree in Education and Development. Not bad for somebody who won't see 50 again! I know this isn't anything to do with blog posts, websites or even art but he's definitely "made a mark" and we're both very pleased! It also means I get him back at weekends and I'm looking forward to more sketching trips with him - if this monsoon rain ever stops! (22nd July 2007 - and we all remember the rain in the summer of 2007 when we experienced the wettest summer on record!)

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  1. Congratulations to your husband! What a wonderful mark HE has made! It's fun to look back on the two years of WMAMTW. I still don't know how you manage to keep up with the art world and do your own work, not to mention managing two group blogs and this one, with its various subblogs. You make me tired, Katherine. But in a good way ;D. Thanks for the mention, as well.


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